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    Supporting character in Eternal Sonata

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    Viola lives in the rural countryside where she herds goats. Polka and her entourage meet her when she is being attacked by crazed people infused with magical power, thanks to overdosing on mineral powder. They join her in the battle and after dispatching the lunatics who are obsessed to mineral powder, Viola joins the party.

    She is older than most of the party (26) but not the oldest, she can hold her own and seems at times an independent but she is always a team player. Viola takes a no-nonsense attitude at times, but usually she's pulling other characters' legs or teasing them, it's all in good fun though.

    Viola wears a unique outfit that blends both tribal Native American and classic European fashions. Her headpiece looks like a modified bonnet and her skirt has feather accents and intricate stitching. She also has a pet named Arco (it's small and like a squirrel and a fox combined) who comes with the party.

    Combat Style

    Viola is a very versatile character. She uses a bow that can be used for devastating long range attacks and in close quarters fights she is still a formidable character. In addition to solid fighting skills and some great special attacks, Viola has a few healing moves as well. These moves usually heal the whole party, unlike some healing moves that only target one person, and have infinite range. Her stats aren't the highest, but she is one of the most well rounded characters with no one stat being in the extreme ranges, also she has everything slightly above average.

    All in all, Viola is a very handy character in battle, but later on in the game other characters catch up to her slightly making her not as powerful. But she still remains a good character to use in harmony chains as she can link an offensive move and a healing move together.


    Viola is also the name of a string instrument.

    Viola is voiced by Houko Kuwashima and Megan Hollingshead in Japanese and English respectively.

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