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    A recurring enemy and major plot point in the Legend of Dragoon game.

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    The Virage enemies are a group of unusual, gargantuan creatures featured heavily in The Legend of Dragoon. Historically, they were the 108th Fruit from the Divine Tree. They were the species of choice for the Winglie race back in the days of the Dragon Campaign, when Winglies ruled over Humans.
    During said campaign, the Humans battled the Winglies and their Virage army, ultimately succeeding and virtually eliminating all traces of the Virage species from the planet. It isn't until the events of the game that you start coming across dormant Virage enemies, who then awaken to battle you.
    A major plot point revolves around the mystical Virage Embryo, quaintly referred to throughout the game as the God of Destruction, whose purpose upon being born is to destroy all life on the planet. It is revealed that this powerful being is split into 2: its body, way up on the Moon That Never Sets, and its soul, lying dormant inside the fabled Moon Child. Every 108 years the Moon Child comes around, and the soul of the Virage Embryo attempts to reconnect with its body, and go through with its true purpose.


    All in all, you'll fight 4 different Virage bosses:

    Virage (Head, Body, Arm)
    HP: Head - 350; Body - 400; Arm - 50
    Drop: Healing Potion x2, Mind Purifier, 100G
    EXP: 600
    First start off by eliminating the really weak Arm. It will regenerate occassionally, but it's still an easy kill each time. The way to finish this battle is to kill both the Head and Body. Focus on the Head after the Arm as the Head deals out the most damage.
    Virage (Head, Body, Arms x2)
    HP: Head - 1,500; Body - 900; Arms - 350
    Drop: Moon Serenade, 200G
    EXP: 4,500
    Like the first Virage boss battle, immediately take out  the arms (they still regenerate, but you'll want to avoid their instant death attacks). Then focus on the Head, so you can try to avoid its status effect-inflicting attacks. Once the Body and Head are out of the picture, the battle is over.
    Super Virage (Head, Body, Arm)
    HP: Head - 10,000; Body - 10,000; Arm - 3,000
    Drop: Healing Rain, 200G
    EXP: 4,000
    This battle will end when you kill the Body and Head (again) or if you just wait until the Super Virage's 10 turn death counter ends. It has some pretty hefty attacks, but nothing that can't be healed easily. If you decide to wait out the 10 turn death counter, then be sure to use Rose Storm to protect your team right when the counter reasches its final turn (1 Life Remaining).
    Super Virage (Head, Body, Arm)
    HP: Head - 10,000; Body - 15,000; Arm - 3,000
    Drop: 300G
    EXP: 15,000
    This battle is much like the previous Super Virage battle, minus a 10 turn countdown. The foe is very slow and has poor Defensive stats, so some good, solid additions or D-Magic/D-additions will take this guy out fast. He has only one attack that should cause some concern, and that's its asteroid attack, which can dole out over 1,000 damage. Otherwise, take out the Body and Head and advance through the story.

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