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    The goddess of nature, she despises the way humans abuse nature.

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    Viridi is the goddess of nature in Kid Icarus: Uprising. She bears hatred toward humans for their treatment of nature and uses a Reset Bomb to destroy a human city so that nature can retake its course. Her allies include Arlon the Serene, guardian of the Lunar Sanctum, and the electricity-wielding Phosphora.

    Following Medusa's defeat, Viridi and her forces enters a three-way war with the armies of Palutena and Hades until their world is invaded by an alien threat known as the Aurum. With no choice, she joins forces with the others to drive the Aurum back and lends Pit her aid after her last Reset Bomb fails to stop the Aurum mothership.

    Three years later, after Pit reawakens and learns that Palutena has been corrupted by the Chaos Kin, Viridi comes to his aid once more. She provides him with a new home base and assists him in saving Palutena. After Palutena is saved and Pit becomes gravely injured, she helps Dark Pit and Palutena on a mission to heal him, and then lends her support in the final battles against Hades.

    Viridi is a youthful goddess with little patience for Pit's naivety and complaints. She despises humans for their destructive ways, but when the humans throw their support to Palutena and Pit at the game's end and her arguments go unheeded, she sulks and angrily tells them that they can have their happy ending.


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