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    Virtua Fighter Kids

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released February 1996

    Super-deformed versions of the Virtua Fighter gang precociously battle it out in this adorable spin-off game.

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    Virtua Fighter Kids is a 3D comedic fighting game developed by Sega-AM2 and released by Sega for arcades (running their Saturn-based Sega ST-V hardware) on February 1996.

    A spin-off of Virtua Fighter 2, Virtua Fighter Kids presents all characters in a super-deformed art style and features cartoonish remixes of the original game's backgrounds, sounds, and music.

    It was later ported to the Sega Saturn on July 26, 1996. Along with some minor differences in gameplay and aesthetic, this version features new CG animation, an optional beginner mode ("Kids" mode, featuring auto-combos and auto-guard) and the ability to create pre-programmed combos.

    All Japanese versions of the game include in-game advertising for the Java Tea brand of tea beverages. In addition, the Saturn version received a limited-edition promotional release for the drink (also known as Virtua Fighter Kids: Java Tea Original). Along with additional branding, this version acts like an extended demo, only allowing access to the basic Arcade and Versus modes.

    The super-deformed versions of characters Akira and Sarah were later made playable in the 1996-1997 Saturn game Fighters Megamix as unlockables. Sega-AM2 also created a similar super-deformed fighting game with Sonic the Hedgehog characters (known as Sonic Championship).


    The game includes 11 playable characters, all of whom return from Virtua Fighter 2.


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