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    Virtua Tennis: World Tour

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Oct 04, 2005

    Virtua Tennis: World Tour is Sega's first version of their popular Virtua Tennis franchise on the PSP. It allows players to take create their own tennis superstars and guide them to the top of the rankings.

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    Game Modes

    Virtua Tennis: World Tour features several different game modes that players can choose from:

    • Quick Match
      This option allows the user to quickly play a match by automatically selecting the players and courts. It provides an easy way for players to take advantage of the game when they only have a few minutes.
    • Multiplayer
      Up to 4-players can play via a wireless connection in either doubles or singles matches.
    • Minigames
      There are a variety of ball games that the user can play. These are the same minigames used in the world tour mode to advance your players' ratings.
    • Tournament
      Tournament mode allows users the ability to play in an elimination tournament format. The bracket requires the user to win a set number of matches to win the tournament.

    World Tour

    World Tour mode is the main career mode available to players. Players create both a female and male tennis athlete. These characters start out with a very limited set of stats and equipment at the bottom of the tennis rankings. In this game, any activity (such as playing a minigame) or participating in a tournament will allow a week to pass. Playing minigames and playing in tournaments will fatigue the tennis players affecting their performance. Users must occasionally give their athletes a week off to rest and regain stamina.


    Players can increase their stats by playing minigames tailored toward specific attributes such as serving, volleying, and playing the baseline. The performance of each player in a minigame will determine how much their stats will increase. As a players stats increase the difficulty of the minigames will also increase. Minigames range from striking items on a conveyer belt with a serve to hitting tennis balls at tanks without being hit by their fire.


    There are different tournaments scheduled for different weeks during each year. Tournament formats include singles, doubles, and mixed doubles. A player can only participate in one tournament each week. There are four tiers of tournaments. Each athlete can only play in the bottom tier at the beginning and the other tiers unlock as each player's rank increases. Player's increase their rank each time they win a tournament for the first time. Winning a tournament one year and winning the same tournament the next year will not trigger an increase in rank. Players are awarded prize money based on the difficulty of the tournament and what place they finish.


    There are a limited number of shops available at the beginning of the game, but new shops unlock as the player increases in rank. Shops sell articles of clothing, tennis venues, and tennis rackets. Rackets can be equipped to enhance certain attributes. Obviously, only one racket can be used at a time. Unlocked tennis venues can be used in other single player modes.


    The goal of the game is to reach the number 1 ranking by winning every tournament for both players at least once. Once every tournament is won, the user is allowed to play in a final mixed doubles match against two fictional players called "King" and "Queen" on a cruise ship. These players are better than any of the other players in the game, and this has been dubbed the toughest match in the game.

    Tennis Players

    The game features 14 professional tennis players:


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