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A Virtual Adventure with Wario

Wario Land is a must have for virtual boy system, the only adventure game produced for the VB. Wairo Land has a bunch of levels with a varying themes, level's are not exactly straight forward because the the depth there are usually two paths one in the background one and the foreground. Each level has a key you must find to open the elevator to the next level, the key is usually in a treasure or mini boss room. as soon as you start out you can see how the game is going to use the Virtualboy's 3d depth, you have to avoid swinging spike balls. Wario receives different power from the hats he picks up, there are hat combinations, Flame thrower plus eagle glider dragon with a rocket blast... oh well its fun. On the way to the next level there are two bonus game to gamble your hearts and coins. Every 3 levels there is a boss arena, the bosses usually use the depth of vision to run around in the background. over all this is a great game that sadly will not be played by many due to the unique display of the Virtualboy.

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