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The virtual console is by far the best thing the Wii has to offer. Who needs gimmicky wand waving games when you can play all of the best classics from NES-N64? I mean holy crap! I missed out on a lot of gaming. I'm 18 so I vaguely remember playing NES with my brother. Most of my memories are with the Playstation and PS2, whereas most of my real completion gaming has been with the 360. But holy crap do I wish I was my brothers age. i wish I could've experienced these games when they were new. These old school games are so much harder than any games in history. If I get hit by one more medusa head in Castlevania, I'm gonna need a new Wii Remote! It's genuine challenge. I'm used to being able to hide behind a bush for my health to replenish and go back out. These old games kick all of the new games' asses! The Virtual Console has stolen my heart, and a lot of my cash.

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#2 Posted by Burns098356GX (1368 posts) -

Latest video game technology to play 15 year old games. 
Makes sense.

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It is a fantastic service, but they are still missing some major titles.  Where in the holy mother of hell is my Earthbound at?  I own the actual cartridge, but my SNES broke so I can't play it anymore.   :(

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#4 Posted by Derachi (117 posts) -
@JJOR64: Because the game actually has copyright-infringing content (trust me, it's in there) the game cannot be released on the Virtual Console. Ever.
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#5 Posted by nanikore (2755 posts) -

Even more Joker avatars? Mordukai is enough. 
Oh, and I prefer my consoles to be physical.

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#6 Posted by JJOR64 (19685 posts) -
@Derachi: I know about that.  It's still a bummer though.  Thank god I own the actual game then.
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#7 Posted by Fbomb (1173 posts) -
@Derachi said:

" @JJOR64: Because the game actually has copyright-infringing content (trust me, it's in there) the game cannot be released on the Virtual Console. Ever. "

News to me... I did a quick search and found this:
This guy did a great job outlining the headache that Earthbound would cause to re-release on VC. 
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the problem i have with virtual console and the psone games on the psp is why dont they release all the games right now ? 
i mean i have my wii chipped i have a custom firmware on my psp i can play any psone game on my psp i can play any snes nes megadrive ect. games on my wii, 
So its obvious they are using emulation to let you play these games therefore they should just let you buy and download any game you want to play not just release certain games now and then. 
I admit i have some games on my psp and wii that i did not pay for because they were not released when i put them on.
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I've never been a fan of the virtual console.  I prefer Sony and Microsoft's approach to focusing on new download titles or at least sprucing up older titles.
I honestly don't understand the appeal of rebuying old games that most people have played a million times and in many cases still already own.
It's especially bad in Europe where we get butchered conversions of these games..  Haven't bought a single VC game, and don't intend to.

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There are a few very nice things about the VC.  First off, the emulation is impeccable.  Second, it makes it okay for the press to talk about retro gaming, because they don't have to skirt around the very large and obvious emulation/ROM scene, they can just encourage people to buy the games legitimately.  Third, there are a really huge number of great games that have stood the test of time.  The VC is filled with games that allow us to explore the origins of many of the conventions we take for granted, and at worst we can see how a lot of the early kinks got ironed out over the years.

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