If VR would be the future of gaming, you would...

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 It started to occur to me that, let's call it "environmental gaming" for the sake of it, is making a stronger and stronger appearance the further we get. This isn't new I realize that, but never before they succeeded at it the way they are now. It's obvious that many companies apparently see some form of future in it and put fasts amount of cash in these projects. Simply look at the Wii, the 360's and PS3's motion-thingy. I guess it's safe to say that this form of gaming is far enough developed that it's here to stay this time and will only evolve in it's form.
This makes me wonder where the concept of gaming as we know it will be in X years. Will there always be a market for games where only our fingers make the stuff on the screen happen? Or will there at some point only be games where we swing our arms and point our fingers to make the stuff on the goggles or whatever happen? I'm sure this isn't the most original question in the book, but still it interests me what other think about this. Where do you see gaming in let's say 20 years? If it's all motion-based and/or VR-crap would you be pleased with that "evolution"?
As for me I think I wouldn't be all too pleased if it would turn out that way. For some reason I can't see myself enjoying that way of playing games. But I'm obviously a minority since the Wii sold shitloads. And don't get me wrong, I was there myself @ the launch of the Wii and excited. Even though Nintendo failed at these things (many times) before, still I hoped for the best. But now, some time after I still only own a handful of Wii games and most of them are the ones where u don't have to move almost anything but your fingers. So from that perspective Nintendo again failed for me and I doubt others can succeed with this form of gaming. I even think gaming would end for me there and then so to say. But hey, I'm not an analyst or expert and I might be wrong all together it's just something I was stuck with and wanted to "share with the group".

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I don't think the real big change will happen as fast as in twenty years, but it will some day, I'm sure of it. As long as I play games and enjoy that, I hope the main focus will stay on controllers. In other words, controlling what happens on screen with your fingers. I also own a Wii but the only time I break loose that bad boy is when playing with a bunch of friends. I don't really see the value standing in my living room alone waving my arms around. On the other hand, I am excited about the PS3 motion controller. I don't know if that will fail big time, but I'm guessing it will, would be typical, right? But I really hope Sony pulls it off thou. If somebody can do it, it's Sony.
VR-like gaming wont be happening in a long time thou, I think. Especially not if the graphics are supposed to be up to date with a games now a-days. Now I'm talking like VR as something similar to the Natal Project. MGS VR-like gaming is for a time-period where cars are flying on piss as gas.

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