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Virtual Silence is a short-form freeware indie game, notably created with the freeware drag and drop Game Maker software. The game experiments with the Masocore indie game genre as well as unique color-based gameplay and a surreal narrative of mental illness. The game can be freely downloaded here.


Virtual Silence tells the story of an autistic boy named Jason and his mother's attempt to cure him through virtual reality. Doctors have devised a virtual reality experiment that may aid Jason in learning to speak. The narrative is minimal but serves to set a surreal atmosphere and demanding empathy from Players.


The gameplay consists of a series of Tests that consists of different frames, each containing a platform puzzle based around the Player's color changing mechanic.

Objects in the game have colors of either Red, Green, Blue or Black and the Player has the option to change the background of the game world to any of these colors thus rendering game objects with the same color invisible. This mechanic allows the player to overcome barriers, defeat gun turrets and avoid enemies.

The game's Masocore trait comes into play when the player dies. Player death, as in most Masocore games, merely resets the current frame's puzzle and is otherwise inconsequential.

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