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    Visas Marr

    Character » appears in 2 games

    A Sith Apprentice of Darth Nihlus, Visas is sent to assassinate the Exile, but is defeated in combat by the Exile. She will then join the Exile's party.

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    Visas Marr was a female Miraluka Jedi, first an apprentice to Darth Nihilus, and then later, to the Jedi Exile. Visas was the only survivor of an attack on Katarr by Darth Nihilus, who was feeding off of a Jedi Conclave located on the planet at the time. This tragedy deeply scarred Visas, damaging her Force Sight, which, being blind, was her only way to see. The horror of seeing Nihilus consume Katarr and it's connection to the Force also damaged Visas' overall connection to the force. After witnessing the devastation of her planet, which created a wound in the Force, Visas joined with Darth Nihilus, being taken on as somewhere between a slave and an apprentice, learning his dark ways.

    During the Exile's journey, Visas will board the Ebon Hawk and attack the Exile. However, the Exile manages to defeat Visas in a duel, and spares her life. From then on, Visas traveled with the Jedi Exile, although she would not lead the Exile to Nihilus until she felt that the Exile was strong enough to challenge her former master. Eventually, The Exile, Canderous Ordo, and Visas boarded Nihilus' flagship, The Ravager, over Telos, and slew the Sith Lord. Upon killing him, Visas had to look beneath his mask at the man that had enslaved her for so long. Upon seeing his face, and realizing he was just a man, nothing more, the ghosts of Visas' past were quieted, and she found her peace.

    The name Visas Marr comes from the Latin word visus, meaning sight, and the word marr, meaning impair. Her name is derived from the Latin phrase "Impaired sight", which is a natural fit, since Visas is blind and can only see through the Force.


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