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Vito Scaletta was born in 1925 in Sicily. When Vito was still young he moved to Empire Bay, USA, with his father, mother and older sister Francesca. Vito grew up poor, in the slums of Empire Bay. His father made meager earnings for manual labor on the docks. Much of the families income was wasted on his father's drinking problem. Vito vowed to never end up like his deadbeat father.

Mafia II


Vito met Joe Barbaro in school, the two became fast friends and soon began performing petty crimes together. Vito was arrested during a robbery, this forced him between going to jail or enlisting. Vito chose to enlist and thus joined the 504th Airborne division, before being deployed in Italy. Vito was eventually shot in combat and sent home on leave. Upon returning home Joe arranged for Vito to be permanently discharged from the Army. Vito soon began a life a crime with Joe.

Serving Clemente

Vito and Joe begin working for the Clemente Family. They are both mentored by Henry Tomasino, a soldier in the family. One particular job involves Vito sneaking into a government office and stealing gas ration stamps. This job eventually leads to Vito being sentenced to ten years inside a federal penitentiary.

Jail Time

While in jail Vito befriends Leo Galante, a consigliere for the Vinci Family. Leo educates Vito on the workings of the three major families in Empire Bay. Vito learns that the Clemente family may be more corrupt then Vito previously thought. Clemente has been dealing dope, which is said to be forbidden by the other families. Leo calls in a favor that allows Vito to get out of jail four years earlier than expected.

Return to Crime

While Vito was in jail, Joe began running with the Falcone Family, Vito soon begins to help the Falcones as well. The two earn the families trust and respect and are promoted to full members of the organization. They are soon trusted with the assassination of Don Alberto Clemente. Their plan goes awry, though they manage to eliminate Clemente. After the hit, Vito is approached by Henry who wishes to escape the shambles of the Clementes and join the Falcone family. Vito arranges for Henry to meet Eddie Scarpa, the Falcone underboss. Eddie agrees to allow Henry Tomasino to become a member of the Falcone crime family, but is ordered to prove his loyalty. He must kill Leo Galante - the man who helped Vito reach the position he is in. Vito decides he must not allow this to happen, and helps Leo escape from Empire Bay (it is suggested he intends to head to Lost Heaven).

New Business

 Vito (left) as seen in Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven
Vito (left) as seen in Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven

Vito soon enters a new partnership with Joe and Henry. Dealing drugs under the nose of Falcone, thanks to the Chinese triad becomes a major new business venture, and way of ensuring massive profits at a large risk. Falcone controls the majority of drugs in the city, meaning their actions are extremely dangerous. During one mission in which Vito and Joe are taking odd jobs to scrape up cash to pay back a loan they used to acquire their first drug stash, it is revealed via a recreation of the ending cinematic from the original Mafia, that Vito and Joe are the two assassins who whacked the previous game's protagonist, Tommy Angelo. After killing Angelo, who was under Federal protection, the 'new business' spirals out of control, steadily downwards.

Closing Moments

Henry asks Vito and Joe to meet him at Lincoln Park, the very location where the two men met and arranged their new business initially. Upon arrival, they find him brutally slaughtered by the Chinese triad, who butcher him with meat cleavers. Joe and Vito agree that the only option is revenge, and kill as much of the Triad as possible while destroying a restaurant at the same time. The two men are soon captured afterwards by Vinci, who feels that what they have done is beyond illogical. Joe and Vito escape from where they are being held, and through Leo Galante's intervention, manage to have one last chance: kill Carlo Falcone.


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