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Vivienne is an optional party member in Dragon Age: Inquisition. She is a mage who specialises in the Knight-Enchanter path, which uses the spirit blade ability for a close combat mage playstyle.

She is available for acquisition via the quest "The Imperial Enchanter", available after the first cutscene in Val Royeaux in the early game, shortly after which the Player Character receives an invitation to Madam de Fer to meet with her in the Salon.

Vivienne is very Pro Circle, and approves decisions reinstating the mage circles after the rebellion. She also approves Inquisitors who help her and other mages.

If her approval is high, she will ask for the Inquisitor to slay a wyvern so she can use its heart. If it is very low, she will have all the furniture rearranged in Skyhold for your inconvenience.


It is possible that Vivienne can become Divine Victoria in the Epilogue, depending upon the actions of the Player Character. Since she is a mage, there will be many uprisings but she swiftly responds to these and uses her power to reinstate mage circles, which she did not want to leave prior to mages becoming independent. Vivienne is often viewed as a very right wing Divine, with large contrasts to Leliana as a left wing divine, while Cassandra remains in the middle.

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