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    The youngest member of the Shadow Sirens, this enemy-turned-ally helps you using her shadow abilities in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

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    Vivian is the youngest member of the Shadow Sirens, three siblings who serve as Grodus' henchwomen in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.

    Vivian is constantly berated by the oldest sister Beldam, which led her to develop an inferiority complex. In Twilight Town, she agrees to help out Mario after his name was stolen by Doopliss, and fights alongside him from then on against her own sisters. However, upon discovering Mario's true identity, she briefly leaves him, only to rejoin him permanently after realizing that Mario was the only person who had ever been nice to her.

    In the field, Vivian is able to hide Mario by pulling him into the ground, hiding him from any nearby enemies and allowing them to travel under some fences and dodge spikes. In battle, Vivian is skilled with fire attacks and is able to hide Mario from enemy attacks.

    Difference between Japanese and North American versions

    A commonly known fact among Mario fans is that in the Japanese version of The Thousand Year Door, Vivian is implied to be a transgender woman. In dialogue, she refers to herself as one of the three Shadow Sisters, only for her sisters to berate her by calling her a man. This is taken one step further by the Italian localization, wherein she returns these insults by stating that she's proud to have become a woman.

    However, the English localization completely changes these scenes by having her call herself one of the three Shadow Beauties, only for her sisters to call her "plug-ugly".


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