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    Vlad Glebov

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    Vlad Glebov is a Russian loan shark who enjoys many things in life, particularly drinking, crack cocaine, and preferring potatoes over cabbages.

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    Vladimir Glebov is a low-rank of the Russian mafia under control of Mikhail Faustin. Niko Bellic's cousin, Roman, is in debt to Vlad and while trying to pay him back has Niko do jobs for him. Vlad is also secretly dating Roman's girlfriend, Mallorie, which he reveals to Niko after he is sent to kill a member of the Russian mob, Ivan. Niko takes Roman to Comrade's, Vlad's bar, and the two chase him through Broker. While trying to intimidate Niko into not killing him, he is shot in the head while his body is tossed into the Humboldt River beneath the Algonquin Bridge.
    Which is funny, Vlad appears to be looking like Lenin.


    • Bull in a China Shop
    • Hung Out to Dry
    • Clean Getaway
    • Ivan the Not So Terrible

    Other Mission Appearances

    •  It's Your Call
    • Easy Fare

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