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Void Rays are Protoss ships created by the Dark Templar. Its is built from the Stargate. It was created when the Dark Templar and the Templar of Aiur combined their abilities and technology. The result was a new ship that many believe may replace the Carrier as the main Protoss capital ship.

A Void Ray's attack consists of a beam of energy that charges up and does additional damage over time. There are three stages to this charge up. The first and second stages do the same amount of damage. It is during the third stage that the damage is increased. A Void Ray must continuously attack something in order for the charge up sequence do be uninterrupted. If a Void Ray doesn't attack something with in a certain amount of time it will lose this charge and will have to build up the charge all over again.


ArmamentPrismatic Beam
Built FromStargate
Build Time60 sec
Hit Points150
Sight Range10
Damage6 (First Level)
8 (Fully Charged)
8 (vs Armored)
Attack Range6
Movement Speed2.25


Upgrade NameWhere Upgrade is locatedDescription
Air WeaponsCybernetics CoreIncreases Air Units Attack Damage
Air ArmorCybernetics CoreIncreases Air Units Armor
Plasma ShieldsForgeUpgrades Shields of All Units/Structures
Flux VanesFleet BeaconIncreases Acceleration and Speed of the Void Ray (This upgrade has been removed in recent patches)


  • A popular tactic is to charge the Void Ray's Beam on your own buildings, destructible rocks or friendly units. This is because of the significant increase in damage done when the beam is fully charged.
  • Some players will tech straight to a Stargate as fast as possible to rush Void Rays before the enemy has any or little anti air.


  • The Void Ray was originally called the Warp Ray sporting the Protoss "light" color scheme of gold and blue. With the removal of the Tempest, the Warp Ray was changed to sport the "dark" scheme.
  • Initially the Void Ray's second level of charge did additional damage. This was patched to be merely cosmetic
The Warp Ray
The Warp Ray

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