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    Volantia: Kingdom in the Sky

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    Volantia: Kingdom in the Sky is a kingdom management game.

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    Volantia takes place in the clouds where a kingdom is being rebuilt one hexagonal squared land mass at a time. Like many management sims, Volantia is all about building, collecting resources, upgrading, and exploring the world that Tangled Mess Games has built.

    Tangled Mess Games has given the player control of the leader of what they call a "green-punk" society; their play on Steampunk. The player will amass chunks of land over the course of the game and add them to the player's starting landmass. The player will need to use good design to plot out their corner of the heavens. The player will need to line up their resource spaces so they are accessable to their helpers.

    The antagonist of this game is time itself. The sundering, which comes after time has passed, will only be staved from destroying the player's world if the player can discover the mysterious floating Zardim.


    Volantia was created by a group of three developers from Cape Town, South Africa. They also made the IGF award winning Desktop Dungeons. After Desktop Dungeons, they spent a week making a prototype of a small management game they referred to as Sky Islands.

    The team split after that prototype was made. A year later they were chosen to take part in the Stugan games accelerator program where they spent two months working on what would become Volantia: Kingdom in the Sky.

    The studio was torn between releasing the prototype for free or try to sell the game. A small scale funding deal was hatched with Humble Bundle which helped bring Tangled Mess Games to fruition and secure enough money to bring in some other collaborators to help finish the game.


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