Volibear, the Thunder's Roar

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    Volibear is a character from Riot Game's League of Legends

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    The bodyguard of his older brother, the tribe's chief, Volibear was forced to take up the mantle when his brother fell while hunting. However, as rite of passage to leadership, he was required to climb a mountain and talk with the storm gods. When he got to the top of this mountain, Volibear witnessed a vision of his homelands locked in a bloody war and his people massacred.

    Venturing south, he proposed an alliance with Ashe and her people in order to prevent the war he had foreseen. Part of that agreement was that Volibear would fight in the League of Legends.


    • Chosen of the Storm (Passive): When Volibear drops below 30% of his health, 30% of it regenerates over the next 6 seconds
    • Rolling Thunder: Volibear gets down onto all fours and breaks into a run, increasing his movement speed by 45% and causing his next attack to fling the target behind him. This effect lasts 4 seconds, or until a target is flinged.
    • Frenzy: Each of Volibear's attacks give him greater attack speed (caps at 3 attacks). Also, once he has successfully landed 4 attacks within a short period, Volibear can bite the target for additional damage. Increased damage is dealt to targets who are missing health.
    • Majestic Roar: Volibear roars, rather loudly, causing all enemy champions in a small radius around him to be damaged and slowed. Minions and monsters are also feared.
    • Thunder Claws (Ultimate): Volibear charges up his attacks with lightning. For the next 12 seconds he deals additional magic damage. The lightning will also arc to up to 4 nearby enemies, damaging them in the process.


    Upon Selection

    • "Let the storm follow in my wake."


    • "Strength and wisdom guide me."
    • "So it shall be."
    • "As fate decrees."
    • "Let the storm follow in my wake."
    • "To war."
    • "The Ursine do not know fear."
    • "Battle is in my blood."
    • "Trust in your instincts."
    • "The thunder calls."


    • "Tremble at my roar!"
    • "I do not pity cowards."
    • "By Freljord's might."
    • "Is that a challenge?"
    • "Sniveling cubs!"
    • "Let none survive!"


    • "A fool and his head are easily parted."


    • "Hmm, I suppose you're expecting an unbearable pun."

    Upon using Thunder Claws

    • "Face the storm!"

    Upon slaying Zilean

    • "Your time has run out, Chronokeeper"
    • "I have a special claw for you, Zilean."

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