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The most noticeable thing about Voodoo Jester is his bright yellow, tribal mask with a couple of dreadlocks falling down from the sides. He also sports a few skulls, potions and many feathers of different size and color, mostly covering up his enormous hunchback with 4 massive horns sticking out.
Not much is known about him, other than that he possesses a magical staff that glows with energy from the spirit world and claims to be a doctor. He can paralyze his enemies with a splash of his acid cocktail, curse, mess up or align a hero' mojo and invoke a spirit ward that attacks only the Jester's enemies.
Though his official description is a bit gloomy, he really portrays himself as more of a healer. Some of his most notable unit reactions are: "si si, senor", "the doctor is in", "aha, aha, AHAHA, you are crazy!", "kill 2 heroes, then call me in the morning" and "put di lime in di coconut, then you'll feel betta'!"


Voodoo is a ganker and a supporter. His Acid Cocktail is a stun that can either paralize an enemy hero for 1 second or 6, depending on the conditions and how lucky he gets, but in conjunction with cursed ground, it pretty much guarantees a successful kill, sometimes even after he dies. His heal spell is very good as well, though it's over-time as opposed to most heroes' instant heals. But overall it's all about the Cursed Ground, the most powerful non-ultimate ability in Heroes of Newerth!


Acid Cocktail

Voodoo throws a round bottle filled with green acid, it bounces a number of times from unit to unit, stunning and damaging as it goes.


He raises his staff and messes with everyone's mojo, healing allies or damaging enemies. It's represented by a green smiling or red menacing wooden mask, much like his own yellow mask.

Cursed Ground

He curses the ground enemy heroes walk on, making them cursed for 12 seconds. The damage they receive comes back with a vengeance at the end, essentially more than doubling damage received during those 12 seconds.

Spirit Ward

Voodoo channels a spirit ward from the netherworld to attack his enemies with a very high rate of fire. Can become extremely powerful with Staff of the Master.

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