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    Voodoo Vince

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Sep 23, 2003

    A colorful platformer where you hurt yourself to hurt others.

    imhungryx10's Voodoo Vince (Xbox) review

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    You're Gonna Feel Full When He Has Lunch

    Voodoo Vince was not much of a hit and not many have played it or even heard of it, but this game can become a guilty pleasure.

    The gameplay is somewhat solid, yet there can be some problems knowing where to land and jump. The game is somewhat easy once you get past the controls. Basically, you are a voodoo doll and your master has been kidnapped and she summons you to save her. You travel all through Louisiana inspired levels to get to her. The game is a very funny game. Vince is flavored with a sarcastic and reluctant tone, and you end up liking him a lot.

    The graphics are great, not amazing but the artistic style of bayou Louisiana is irresistible. The animation for your voodoo moves are fun and creative.

    The sound is the most impressive. The voice acting is great, the soundtrack is phenomenal.

    So other than a few control issues, an the length of gameplay, it is a great game.

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