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    An ancient vampire, Vorador is a reclusive character who despises humans and treats them like cattle.

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    Vorador is a recurring non-playable character in the Legacy of Kain franchise. One of the oldest vampires in existence, he was among the first humans to be bestowed with the "dark gift". Known for his craftsmanship in youth, Vorador was asked to forge the vampire's finest weapon, Soul Reaver, by his mentor, Janos Audron. The blade was later imbued with vampiric magic by Janos, which gave it an insatiable appetite for blood. Vorador loves his dark gift of vampirism but he usually confines himself to his sprawling mansion. Due to various references made in the games, we come to know that Vorador has suffered much at the hands of the humans and this has made him bitter and cynical. He has reached a point where he thinks of humans as nothing more than mere cattle. 
    He is voiced by Paul Lukather in all the games.



    Blood Omen, Soul Reaver and Defiance

    About five centuries before the events of Blood Omen, Janos Audron was murdered by Sarafan Crusaders. This enraged Vorador, who sought to avenge his sire's death by killing the Circle of Nine for backing the crusades. He single-handedly assaulted the Sarafan Stronghold and managed to murder six Pillar Guardians, before making a fool out of the Circle's appointed protector - Malek the Paladin and escaping. He managed to get a hold of Janos Audron's body and stored it in a secret chamber inside his mansion. Five hundred years later, during the events of Blood Omen, he would meet a young vampire named Kain. Realizing Kain's destiny as the Scion of Balance, Vorador tried to be his mentor and guide him. He advised Kain to embrace his dark gift and enjoy its perks. He even warned the arrogant Kain to stay away from the humans but he doesn't listen. But disgusted by his vampirism, Kain decides to murder the Circle of Nine under the illusion that it would cure his curse. Unable to deal with Malek, Kain summons Vorador who settles an old score by vanquishing the undead paladin. At the time, Nosgoth was under siege by the armies of the Nemesis. Influenced by Moebius the Timestreamer, Kain decides to go back in time and kill the young king William the Just before he becomes the Nemesis. This reckless act ignites another crusade against the vampires, lead by the cunning Moebius himself.

    During this time,  Vorador secretly keeps an eye on a wraith named Raziel, as the demonic creature unravels many of the vampire's ancient secrets. Just like Janos, he believes Raziel to be the prophesied vampire champion. When approached by Raziel about Janos Audron's location, Vorador showed him the preserved body of his old mentor. He lead Raziel to Avernus Catherdral in search for the "Heart of Darkness" but by the time the wraith got back, Vorador was captured by Moebius's mob. His life was ended by a brutal public execution.

    Blood Omen 2

    Sometime between Defiance and Blood Omen 2, Vorador was resurrected by Kain. He helped Kain amass an army of vampires in his quest to conquer all Nosgoth. But when Kain was betra yed by his lieutenants, Vorador went into hiding. He lead a clan of the leftover vampires under the name of "Cabal". As Kain regained his powers, Vorador unwillingly provided him support for his revenge and helped him defeat the Sarafan Lord. It is unknown what happens to Vorador after Kain regains control of Nosgoth.


    [In Blood Omen]- Despite your youthful arrogance, you amuse me, Kain - it would be such a pity to lose you to the Abyss.

    [In Blood Omen; while killing a Pillar Guardian] Call your dogs! They can feast on your corpses!

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