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    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released September 1994

    An experimental shape-shifting robot is humanity's last defense in this Super FX Chip-enhanced SNES mech shooter.

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    Vortex is a third-person mech shooter originally released for the SNES in 1994. It was one of a handful of games to use the Super FX Chip developed by Argonaut Games, which are also Vortex's developers. This chip allowed for more sophisticated polygonal graphics, which Vortex uses for its central shapeshifting mech protagonist and the various enemies and other obstacles in each mission.

    The game puts the player in the cockpit of a giant robot who can shapeshift. Relatively unique for a console game at the time the gameplay was mostly in 3D with the main character able to move around planets in any direction they saw fit. The main gimmick for the game was that the mech could transform into other vehicles, all of which had different strengths and weaknesses, such as improved speed with higher fuel consumption. Each transformation requires a different button combination, which the player is forced to memorize.


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