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Youth: First vorticons faced and are hyperactive and temporarily stun you or another enemy when they hit you.

Female: Are strong and slow, they fire fireballs at you to protect other vorticons.

Males: Some are armour less grunts, others are elites who carry Hyper pistols, they are distinguishable by their pink and blue outfits.

Vortininjas: These form most of the defence of the Vortican home world. They are very strong and agile, which makes them very hard to take down.

Vorticon Elders: Wise, are kept in stasis, they don't attack.

Vorticon VI

This is the Home world of the vorticon. There are four large islands and one small island, the planet itself is mostly covered by water and the soil of the world is pinkish purple. Two of the continents are where the vorticon live, the third is for the military, and the fourth is just caves.

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