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VR Troopers was a show about fighting evil monsters. The person that made Power Rangers also made this show. The game was based off of the TV show. 


Ryan Steele - The leader in VR troopers. His father is part of the evil side. 
Finishing Moves 
  • Laser Fist Command -  His hands turn blue like lasers and punches the enemy.
  • Lightning Hand Command - his hands glow blue and slices through enemies.
  • Internal Gyro Command
JB Reese - Tech guy for the VR troopers. He is a computer genius. 
Finishing Moves
  • Super saber- two swords and hacked and slashed the enemies.
  • VR techno bazooka- a double barrel rocket launcher.
  • Vortex Command- He made him and the enemy into a virtual world.
Kaitlin Star - A news reporter and photographer. It seemed like she was just put into the show and game for an extra character. 
Finishing Moves
  • VR Kaitlin Double Team- she would transform into two of her to fight enemies.
  • VR Double Team- She and JB would combine their two pistols to turn it into a better gun.

 Jeb- Jeb is Ryan Steele's dog. Jeb has the ability to talk. He got this ability by accent from a power surge. He only talks to the troopers for advice. In the game he usually tells the player to go kick butt. 

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