Is VRChat the new Second Life?

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Posted by DriveupLife (1214 posts) 1 year, 4 months ago

Poll: Is VRChat the new Second Life? (137 votes)

Yes 34%
No 36%
Just the Results please 27%
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#1 Posted by dgtlty (1221 posts) -

Can you elaborate?

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#2 Posted by CrazyBagMan (1647 posts) -

It doesn't seem nearly as elaborate, but definitely feels like a place to see some weird internet.

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#3 Posted by Acura_Max (759 posts) -

I never seen second life but I know of it. That being said, if there ever a reason why Ready Player One's world should not exist, VRchat makes a strong case.

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#4 Posted by WhatsHisFace (745 posts) -

Furries are practically non existent in VRChat, there are no old couples who are looking for other old couples to do kinky sex stuff with and most people have fun while playing this game. So no, this game is nothing like Second Life.

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#5 Posted by Retris (424 posts) -

If anything, it's the new Habbo Hotel.

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#6 Posted by doctordonkey (1819 posts) -

VRchat is simultaneously everything and nothing.

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#7 Posted by DarlingDixie (120 posts) -
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I don't know, man, but does Second Life have this?

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#8 Posted by nnickers (496 posts) -

I'd never heard of this but it looks rad.

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#9 Posted by Jesus_Phish (3848 posts) -

The main thing stopping VRChat being a proper new Second Life is that it has a much higher barrier to entry, you have to own an expensive computer and a VR headset to use it.

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#10 Posted by Evilsbane (5618 posts) -

The main thing stopping VRChat being a proper new Second Life is that it has a much higher barrier to entry, you have to own an expensive computer and a VR headset to use it.

Not really you can run a desktop version and it actually isn't that hard to run, might take forever but it should have no issue on a modest PC.

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#11 Posted by Jesus_Phish (3848 posts) -

@jesus_phish said:

The main thing stopping VRChat being a proper new Second Life is that it has a much higher barrier to entry, you have to own an expensive computer and a VR headset to use it.

Not really you can run a desktop version and it actually isn't that hard to run, might take forever but it should have no issue on a modest PC.

Then nothing is stopping it being the new Second Life.

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#12 Edited by bybeach (6350 posts) -

@acura_max: I watched this, and some of it was funny. But I am not really sure what I watched. Some U-tuber offered an explanation that quickly went south. I cannot tell if what he was saying had any truth, beyond questioning if the human species was the best fit for being cut loose in Virtual land.

I think Ken Kesey, a dude from another time it seems, would have gotten a big kick out of this.

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#13 Edited by TheManWithNoPlan (7831 posts) -

Don't let all the memes and shitty behaviour you see in videos detract from how awesome Vrchat can be. I've had really great experiences meeting people, making friends, having cool discussions and joking around all while going to really cool worlds and hanging out. And the fact that it feels like you're actually there (if you're using Vr that is), makes it feel like you're going on real adventures.

Also, set aside the deformed knuckles and small anime girls. I have seen/been apart of some batshit crazy awesome stuff in person here. Titans, towering above me with steam particles flying everywhere (this was on a yacht), Gabe newell's with chain guns that shoot deals into the air where they rain down on everyone (this was around a campfire), Giant rainbow bunnies dancing hand in hand around me like I was some sort of ritual sacrifice (This was at peach's castle in the courtyard), I was part of a court case to see if Naruto was indeed Boruto's father (this sounds dumb, but it was actually fun), I went to a club/bar and had a lengthy back and forth with a drunk stormtrooper (we actually got kind of existential), I was on the Thousand Sunny from One piece and talked about Pc's and anime while we were all dressed up like the straw hats (some of the beautiful, epic music from that show played in the background the whole time), I've gone to a Howl's moving castles esque field and talked with friends while talking about nerdy stuff and listening to retro style video game music (this one was the most surreal I've ever felt in Vr yet), I been at open mic nights and listened to people try their hand at comedy. I could keep listing things, but I think I've made my point.

Vrchat is something very special at it's core and I'm a little concerned that the current toxic trends surrounding it will corrupt what it could continue to be. I know the devs and moderation staff are hard at work trying to ensure any toxic behaviour is dealt with and giving users the tools to protect themselves in the instances they can't. You can mute individual users if they're being obnoxious or vitriolic (there's a mute all as well which silences everyone but friends in cases you're unable to find the source) and in the cases where the avatars themselves are a problem you can block them which deletes them from view. This has come in handy several times as I've seen some legitimately offensive stuff (I don't even want to describe it here on the forum)

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#14 Posted by unknownczar (15 posts) -

So as someone with a Vive I decided to give it a go after seeing some roleplayers on twitch having a good time. Here is a descriptions of my roughly 40 minute experience:

0-3: I bumble around the tutorial and awkward teleportation mechanic. considering how well other games do everything, it's kind of janky all around.

4-5: I spawn into a public world and my first interaction is someone coming up to be real close and taking a big sniff. Disconcerting to say the least.

5-6: People generally milling around. a couple knuckles talking about showing people the way. I go into a random pub world.

6-8: People milling about, until about 10 cats come in a marching band playing some music. This is the first positive interaction I had so far, so I follow them. The people around seemed pleased with the cats as well. The cats then open a portal into their cat realm and I follow through.

8-10: I choose a new cat avatar and join the cat marching band. The band leader makes a new portal to another random world and we head off.

10-35: Marching around hub worlds, eventually the music changes to 'jump around' and we all start jumping.

35-40: The band goes back to the cat world. However the cat world is besieged by knuckles and generally goes to shit. I sign off.

Overall... I can definitely see it's potential. Users are given toolkits to make models and worlds in Unity. everything seems pretty basic right now, but there's nothing stopping people from making truly great interactive worlds and some fantastic avatars. Combine that with roleplayers staying in character and improving, and it would be a lot of fun. For now I will stick to watching Twitch players. It's too janky and full of memesters to be playable right now. I would be willing to try it out with other players in a private room though. That seems to be the best way to go at it, I just don't know anyone else who plays it.

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#15 Posted by wallrick (21 posts) -

Vrchat is what you make of it, and who you decide to interact with. Its the internet, something you dont like or offends you will cross paths at some time. But if you know the controls they'll be gone in seconds.

Havent played second life but Im sure there is or going to be a dark side of VR chat eventually. For now Im enjoying kareoke, driving gokarts and making jokes while hanging around the viritual pub.

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#16 Posted by soulcake (2753 posts) -

No Flying dicks in that quick look so no.

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#17 Posted by FrostyRyan (2920 posts) -

I've loved all the funny videos from people's experience with it

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#18 Posted by HarbinLights (194 posts) -

I don't know much about Second Life to make a comparison. They're they're both virtual social spaces. But VRChat has actual virtual reality.

I tried Second Life a few years ago and was very disappointed. I spent hours trying to make an avatar that didn't look awful and failed. I was also stuck in a T pose when I first started playing.

Made a thread on a gaming website complaining, got dogpiled on for Second Life "not being a real game" and therefor "embarrassing to admit trying". So for those unlike me, who actually did stick around with Second Life, what are the similarities and differences between VRChat and Second Life, aside from both being virtual social spaces, and one supporting HMDs and the other not?

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