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    Vulgrim is a demon, and the shopkeeper in the Darksiders games.

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    Vulgrim is a demon and the shopkeeper ( merchant) in the Darksiders game. War's first mission in the game is to locate Vulgrim, and he does so on the way to the Twilight Cathedral. The currency Vulgrim deals in is souls, which War collects for defeating enemies. These souls can be traded in for:
    • Weapon enchantments
    • Weapon upgrades
    • Additional combat moves
    • Wrath moves
    Vulgrim also accepts any of the 27 artifacts that War can find during the campaign (20 soldier, 6 collector, 1 overlord) and converts these into souls (worth 500, 1000, and 5000 respectively).
    Vulgrim also allows War to use the serpent holes beneath the Earth, allowing him to fast travel to various pre-set locations throughout the world. To summon Vulgrim and use one of these paths, all War has to do is step near one of the Vulgrim locations found through the map. Note that these locations have to be found before they can be used, and they are not all easily found. Each Vulgrim location has dangling wind-chime like objects marking that a Vulgrim location is nearby.

    Physical Characteristics

    Vulgrim is a demon and has a wan, evil expression on his face. He has two massive horns sticking out of the top of his head, with gold bands wrapped around the tips. He wears a belt around his waist that has various pieces of parchment, and a large turquoise ball attached to it. He wears no chest plate, but has a hood that covers the top of his head and the rear of his neck. His lower half is more like a kilt, and like The Watcher, he has no legs, but wisps of smoke. When War summons him at a Vulgrim location, he first appears as smoke, which slowly coalesces into the demon's shape.

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