VVVVVV remixed soundtrack released - PPPPPPowerup!

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SoulEye the composer of VVVVVV's brilliant soundtrack has released a remixed version of the soundtrack called PPPPPPowerup! 
Youtube trailer for samples: 

SoulEye's site
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I dunno, the reason I liked the VVVVVV soundtrack was because of how chip-tuney it was. So I'm not quite as into this. Some of these remixed tracks just sound like they have too much going on.

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this really does sound awesome!

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Just noticed that there is a track by Danny B as well. That one vocal track sounds slightly strange.

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@ThatFrood said:
" I dunno, the reason I liked the VVVVVV soundtrack was because of how chip-tuney it was. So I'm not quite as into this. Some of these remixed tracks just sound like they have too much going on. "
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While I agree that SoulEye's stuff was perfection in its purest form already, I found myself really surprised by all of these remixes! I had the pleasure to contribute to the album, so I got a free digital copy as soon as it went up, and I spent all day listening to it. There's not a single remix that I don't absolutely love (not counting a couple of the bonus tracks, but hey, they're bonus tracks). The piano arrangements breathe new life into the original tunes in a dramatic way. The techno remixes range from some of the best dance tunes I've heard, to really fascinating, hardcore stuff that kinda blows my mind when I think about how it manages to have so little, yet so much in common with the source material. The vocal remix of Pipe Dream is just downright beautiful.
Absolutely amazing stuff. I recommend you buy it! It's even available as a physical copy, which I recommend that you get because I'm quite pleased with how the cover art turned out, and that way you can frame it and hang it on a wall next to your burned copy of the original soundtrack.... In either case, it's 80+ minutes of nothing but extremely high quality music. Plus a few bonuses that aren't quite as high quality, but hey, if you saw my VVVVVVX video and you liked my remix for that, then you'll be very happy with at least one of the bonus tracks!

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I'm sure someone will like these remixes, but they literally do nothing for me except go back to listen to the original music.

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I never listened to the original music but that was great.

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Some of these tracks just completely ruined what I liked about the original OST in the first place.

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That's what all remixes do, though! A good remix is a complete reinterpretation of a familiar theme, and that reinterpretation will always disappoint those who found something to truly loe in the original. This is no longer the music from VVVVVV, but a compilation of songs that uses that as a foundation to reach an entirely new place. A place I will admit I don't enjoy quite as much, but that is still fantastic in its own right.
Consider that my review of the whole soundtrack! There's not a single track that I don't enjoy. Even the songs I'm not too fond of musically, I can't help but listen closely to and be fascinated by while trying to figure out how on earth they got there, from where they started...
If you still need more convincing, here's three artists that decided to upload their contributions for free:

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While I like the sound of most of it, they don't sound so much like remixes, just the same songs played with a different instrument. The piano acoustic ones are chill but the others don't do much for me.

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That piano version of Positive Force is mesmerizing. So good.

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Just bought the soundtrack. It's pretty damn good. It lacks a little bit of the 8-bit charm, but there are some great interpretations here. Danny B (of Super Meat Boy fame) put his remixed track from this album on OCRemix. It's free so you might as well check it out. It convinced me to get it.

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