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Vyers is a conceited, narcissistic, and above all cocky character and (sort of) antagonist in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. During Laharl's two year slumber Vyers climbs his way up to top dog of the demons who wish to take the late kings throne. During the game he gives Laharl a hard time throughout the story and tries to stop him every chance he gets. Little is known on the origins of this demon and his rivalry, as well as his guidance, to Laharl further puts a question on his role in the bigger picture. It is also revealed that Vyers has some sort of connection with Laharls father, King Krichevskoy, later in the game.

When Laharl first meets Vyers, he is so unimpressed with the narcissistic, self-described "Dark Adonis" that he renames him Mid-boss, much to Vyers's dismay. The name Mid-Boss is then used throughout the game whenever Vyers speaks.


In Disgaea 2, the player can fight against Vyers in the sub-chapter I Want To See The Ending as a hidden boss. Before the fight Rozalin assumes that he is the final boss of the game, but Adell suggests that he is more of a Mid-Boss instead, a clear reference to the first game.

In Japan, he becomes a downloadable character for Disgaea 3 with Pleinair, Prinny Kurtis, and Cyborg Kurtis on December 2008.

Vyers also appears in Phantom Brave along with Flonne, Etna, and Laharl as hidden bosses and can be playable if the player defeats him.

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