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    The main character of Skies of Arcadia. A young boy of the Blue Rogues. Handles two cutlasses with both hands. Full of curiosity, and very fearless.

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    Character Biography

    " 'Impossible' is just a word to let people feel good about themselves when they quit." --Vyse

    Vyse Dyne is the protagonist of Sega's Skies of Arcadia. In the world of Arcadia, Vyse is a member of the Blue Rogues, a group of sky pirates who harass and steal from the massive Valuan Empire in order to spread its wealth throughout Arcadia. Vyse's father, Captain Dyne, is the head of the Blue Rogues and the commandeer of the airship, Albatross. At the young age of 19, he was able to establish his base on Pirate Isle, something that Vyse aspires to do as well, seeing as he only 17 when the story arc of the game begins. Vyse is easily recognizable due to his Blue Rogues uniform and short stature, but one main point of interest is his focal eyepatch lens. Worn on his right eye, it has a zooming capability that allows Vyse to see great distances, and later in the game, it can see invisible objects. Vyse is well-noted as being stong, optimistic, and kind-hearted, much to the chagrin of his fellow RPG protagonists. His main companions throughout the story include Aika, his best friend; Fina, the outlander; Drachma, the seasoned air captain; Gilder, the gun-toting ladies man; and finally Enrique, the justice seeking Valuan prince who later entrusts his ship, the Delphinus, naming Vyse the captain of the vessel.

    Swashbuckler Ratings

    Throughout the course of the game, the player will be given numerous chances to have Vyse make statements that improve his "Swashbuckler Rating", as well as winning battles. Wrong answers and running from battles can actually lower this rating. This is a list of all the ratings, ranked from lowest to highest:

    • Unimpressive
    • Blue Rogue
    • Competent
    • Determined
    • Respected
    • Admirable
    • Bold
    • Valiant
    • Daring
    • Dashing
    • Fearless
    • Hero
    • King of Rogues
    • Legend

    At one point in the game, you will obtain the rating "Vyse the Fallen Pirate". This is actually used to signify that one of the optional Bounty bosses is now open to the player. This boss can only be fought in Skies of Arcadia: Legends on the Gamecube and through the Dreamcast's downloadable content.

    After reaching the King of Rogues rank in Skies of Arcadia: Legends, Vyse can also reach special Swashbuckler rankings if certain conditions are met. This feature is available only in Legends, and upon reaching the special rank, Vyse cannot revert to the King of Rogues rank. Here are the special rankings and the conditions needed:

    • Vyse the Charismatic (Recruit all twenty-two crew members)
    • Vyse the Battle Lord (Kill at least two thousand and fifty-two enemies)
    • Sky Battle King Vyse (Kill those four giant air monsters and win at least twelve non-storyline air ship battles)
    • Vyse the Extravagant (Must have one million gold and the following items: Intercom, Enhanced Kitchen, Floor Heater, Air Purifier, Yafutoman Alcove, Soundproofing, Expensive Wheel, Chandelier, and Wooden Doll)
    • Exploration King Vyse (Find all eighty-six discoveries and get at least ninety percent of hidden treasures)
    • Vyse the Bounty King (Defeat and report all eight bounty battles)
    • Vyse the Fisher King (Catch one thousand fish)
    • Vyse the Legend (Gamecube version only: basically, a one hundred percent completion of the game)


    When fighting in battles, Vyse uses a pair of cutlasses in order to deal physical damage to enemies. If you look closely enough, you can actually see that Vyse grips his left cutlass by the hilt, which assumes that he is more of a defensive fighter. Vyse is your typical RPG main character in battles - he deals good physical damage, and has decent speed and magic to compliment it. Like the other main characters, Fina and Aika, he also has five Super Moves in his arsenal, each with their own effect.

    Super Moves

    • Cutlass Fury (Initially Known) - Vyse jumps forward and slashes the enemy four times, and then finishes with an overhead slash with both cutlasses as he yells, "Cutlass Fury!" Excellent move in the earlier portions of the game. Targets one enemy. It requires seven SP to use.
    • Rain of Swords (Cost: 2 Moonberries) - Vyse jumps high into the air, and then rains numerous swords onto the battlefield as he yells, "Rain of Swords!" Targets all enemies. It requires fourteen SP to use.
    • Skull Shield (Cost: 2 Moonberries) - Vyse says, "Pirates of old, defend our cause!" as a light shines on him. Then it cuts to a pirate's skeleton leaning over a sword as its eyes glow red. Protects all allies from physical attacks for one turn, and allows them to counter. Benefits all members of the party. It requires five SP to use.
    • Counterstrike (Cost: 1 Moonberry) - Vyse says, "Bring it on!" as he takes his cutlasses and goes into a defensive position. Vyse will counter all physical attacks for one turn. Benefits him. It only requires one SP to use.
    • Pirates' Wrath (Cost: 4 Moonberries) - Vyse yells "BEHOLD!" as he summons the power of a tornado and an electrical storm. Then he slashes at the ground in front of him, causing the storm to rip the ground apart as it travels toward its target. Vyse then flies toward the target and cross-slashes it, forming the Blue Rogues logo as he yells, "Pirates' Wrath!" Targets one enemy. It requires twenty-one SP to use.

    Vyse is the only playable character in the game that can equip cutlasses. Here is a list of the weapons he can use:

    • Cutlass (default weapon)
    • Pirate Cutlass (bought at Pirate Island base)
    • Sky Cutlass (bought at Sailor's Isle)
    • Assassin Blade (found in Lower Valua's catacombs)
    • Nasr Cutlass (bought in Maramba)
    • Hunter's Sword
    • Stonecutter
    • Iron-cutter
    • Sword of Daccat (received from Maria's bird or from Daccat's island)
    • Admiral Cutlass
    • Dream Cutlass
    • Suiran Blade (bought in Yafutoma)
    • Windslicer
    • Thunder Cutlass (dropped in battle after fighting Yeligar, the yellow gigas)
    • Soul Sword (bought from Ryu-kan in base in Crescent Isle)
    • Vorlik Blade (forged by Ryu-kan in base in Crescent Isle when his shop upgrades)
    • Tuna Cutlass (given by Vize if Vyse completes the bounty)
    • Sky Fang (bought from the mystery merchant when Vyse gets the Legend ranking)

    Trivial Information

    Vyse's hobby is map collecting, and he likes voyaging, which is evident in his love for sailing and exploring. Considering his famous quote at the top of the article, it is clear that he dislikes cowards. Vyse also has confidence in his jumping ability, which is evident in all the times he's jumped off of impossible heights and almost always suggests jumping onto some sort of moving vehicle throughout the story.

    Vyse makes a cameo appearance in Valkyria Chronicles as Vyse Inglebard. He is also seen in episode thirteen of the anime adaptation of the game, but his hair is blue in color for some reason.

    Vyse is also a playable character in Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed. A number of references to Skies of Arcadia also appear in the race course Rogues Landing.

    It is possible to remove Vyse's skyseer goggle during battle. On the control stick or the D-pad, input left, left, right, right, up, down, up, down, left, and right quickly. If the player is successful, Vyse will sigh, and his skyseer goggle will disappear. This only lasts for the rest of the battle, but it's a neat trick nonetheless.


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