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Grayson Hunt acquires this mechanical Hekaton (called a 'Mechaton') in 'Act 2 Chapter 2 Worst Family Fun Vacation Ever' when Grayson is faced with a dead end. The Mechaton crashes through a large steel door (similar to a hangar's) with the Skullz gangster who is using a small controller. Grayson (with the aid of the player) shoots the gang member and then leashes the controller from his hand. From there on in the player has access to a rather powerful ally that can either shoot, or crush enemies and interact with certain objects (nothing special though, the interaction is just a simple 'smash'). Once the player has decimated entire hordes of Skullz, not to mention a few Gyrocopters, the mechaton finally comes to a large barrier, when the interact button is pressed (RB on 360) the mechaton smashes through it and falls into a large crack in the street. This renders the machine useless and so inspires Grayson to give a 'moving' eulogy of Waggleton P. Tallylicker.


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