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So, understanding the subtitles really doesn't help make this less weird.

同盟 means allegiance and the tagline is 'Making waking up everyday fun!'.

You have the option of choosing between analogue and digital clocks for massive customization. You set your wake up time and if it's the same as other people's, you can form allegiances. You have to touch the spinning avatar to stop the alarm clock.

You support them to wake them up and they support you if they wake up early. You all get trophies for getting up on time and all your data (killstreaks and KDR I guess) are recorded in minute detail for later. You can also become friends with other members. Alliances apparently consist of 5 people.

Also, if you wake up late, you have to uncover your allies' support messages by touching them. So basically making you even later if you had something to do in the morning...

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Posted this in the other thread earlier.

Here's the text from the Wake-Up Club Trailer:


Mezamashidoumei: making waking up every day a little more fun. [The Japanese title is a pun on alarm clock kind of sounding like the word for oath/alliance and swapping out the kanji]

Add a clock to your Playstation Vita!

It has a digital and analog display, you can also customize the clock theme to your liking!

When you set the alarm, you'll join an "alliance."


You'll be automatically matched and form with an alliance with other users who wake up at the same time as you!!

When the alarm rings... Touch the moving and rotating avatar to stop the alarm.

If there are any alliance members who got up earlier than you, they can help encourage you to wake up!

When you are the one who wakes up early, you can cheer on other alliance members and give them your support!

HOWEVER... The later and later you get up... The more your screen will get filled up by your friends' support... So make sure you get up before it gets too difficult to touch the avatar!

If every member wakes up within 5 minutes, it's a wake up success!

Depending on how your alliance does, you'll get trophies!

The results are saved to your activities, and you can become friends with your alliance members!

Your number of wake-ups and detailed results are recorded so you can view them!

Mezamashidoumei: making waking up every day a little more fun.


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Whoever came up with this needs a raise. And thank you, kind gentlemen, for translating this.

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@r0rb: I totally missed out on that pun. Man, it's so obvious now.

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@Vitor: For better or worse, my オヤジギャグ sense of humor has me attuned to bad puns.

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