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  • 14 unique classes
  • 25,000 active players per server
  • Not a single npc in the entire world
  • Governing system that allows you to vote & elect players to govern each island
  • Realistic eco-system that allows you to shape the world of forests or barrens
  • Advanced A.I. for mobs in a sense that they will migrate if there isn't enough vegetation around, level up if they manage to kill a player etc


  • Xelor: time based mage.
  • Cra: ranger
  • Sram: thief / assasin
  • Sadida: druid
  • Iop: warrior
  • Eniripsa: healer
  • Sacrier: bezerker
  • Osamodas: summoner
  • Ecaflip: gambler
  • Feca: tank caster
  • Pandawa: brawler
  • Enutrof: treasure hunter

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