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    The big-hearted and thoroughly loyal Wakka is captain of the Besaid Aurochs Blitzball team, and a party member in Final Fantasy X. He retires from adventuring in Final Fantasy X-2 to focus on his growing family.

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    Wakka is a skilled guardian, fighter and Blitzball player who grew up on Besaid Island along with Lulu and his younger brother, Chappu. Wakka and Chappu lost their parents to Sin when they were both very young, leaving them with little memories of their biological parents. Years later, after the Calm began , Wakka, Lulu and Chappu meet Yuna, Braska’s daughter and Kimahri who was asked by Auron to make sure Yuna was escorted somewhere safe. Wakka became like an older brother to Yuna and raised her along with Lulu. Around this time, Wakka and Chappu joined the Besaid Aurochs blitzball team and Lulu and Chappu began a romantic relationship. One year before the events of Final Fantasy X, Chappu gets killed in Djose by Sin while being enlisted into the Crusaders. Chappu’s death shocked Wakka and because he chose to fight with a Al Bhed machine weapon instead of the sword Wakka gave him, Wakka began to show Jasa seo hatred towards the Al Bhed. Later on, Wakka tries to stop Yuna becoming a summoner, but eventually agrees to become one of her Guardians so that he could avenge Chappu.

    Final Fantasy X

    Wakka is the second person to meet Tidus when first washes up on the island of Besaid. Wakka bonds with Tidus quickly due to his resemblance to Chappu and blitzball skills, forming a brotherly relationship with him. He does not believe Tidus when he claims he is from Zanarkand, theorizing that his recent encounter with Sin has clouded his mind. Wakka takes Tidus to Besaid Village and convinces him to join the Besaid Aurochs, who desperately need his help following a ten year losing streak, and because Wakka intends to resign and become a full-time guardian. Tidus accepts his offer and Wakka directs him to Besaid Temple where Yuna has begun her trial. After she fails to return in a timely fashion, Tidus goes into the Temple, against the will of the priest, in hopes of rescuing Yuna and arrives just in time to see her exit the prayer chamber.

    Wakka with the Besaid Aurochs
    Wakka with the Besaid Aurochs

    Later that night, Tidus hears Lulu berating Wakka about Tidus as she believes that he is only interested in him due to his likeness to Chappu. She is vindicated when Wakka gives Tidus Chappu’s sword and takes him along on Yuna's pilgrimage, in the hope that somebody will recognize him at the blitzball tournament in Luca. During the first match, Yuna is taken by a rival team, the Al Bhed Psyches, so that they could force the Aurochs to surrender the match. While Wakka plays the game, Tidus heads off with Lulu and Kimahri to find Yuna. They manage to rescue her from the Al Bhed. During which, it is revealed that Yuna is half Al Bhed. Lulu warns Tidus to keep it a secret from Wakka, fearing it would create a rift between them, and they return just as the Aurochs win their first match in ten years. Following the second match, fiends attack the stadium. Wakka and Tidus fight the fiends along with the help of Auron who then becomes Yuna's guardian.

    While on the remainder of the journey, Wakka becomes more resentful towards the Al Bhed, especially during their trip to Djose. When the group cross the Moonflow, they meet Rikku who joins them on the pilgrimage. Wakka is kept in the dark about Rikku’s Al Bhed heritage but finds out after the Al Bhed attack them on the way to Macalania Temple. Wakka is disgusted when he learns the truth and calls Rikku a heathen but Tidus defends her by saying that Rikku is a good person. Wakka becomes angry that no one is supporting him, and he heads to Macalania on foot while the others ride the sleds left behind. When the team reach Macalania and learn that Seymour murdered his own father, Wakka becomes hesitant about fighting Seymour due to his role as Maester. Yuna and the party kill Seymour in the Chamber of Fayth much to Wakka’s shock.

    Afterwards, Wakka blames Rikku for everything but begins to change his attitude towards her when he discovers that the Al Bhed kidnapped summoners to save them from dying and comforts Rikku when she mourns the destruction of her Al Bhed home. When he learns that Yuna is half Al Bhed, Wakka becomes confused and realizes that his hatred was not fair as not all Al Bhed are the same. When Wakka learns about Yevon and Seymour’s betrayal, Wakka begins doubting if the teachings are true. Before fighting Sin, he apologizes to Rikku and the Al Bhed for his behaviour. Wakka is deeply saddened by Tidus’s death at the end of the game, having formed a brotherly bond with him.

    Final Fantasy X-2

    Wakka with Rikku in FFX-2
    Wakka with Rikku in FFX-2

    Two years later, Wakka is married to Lulu and she is pregnant with his child. Wakka is worried as he has no experience in parenting, his parents having died at an early age. He asks Yuna and the Gullwings to help find a sphere of his parents so that he has an idea of how they raised he and Chappu. Wakka comes to blows with Beclem who has been sent to train the Aurochs. After fiends pour out of the temple, Beclem wants the temple burned down but Wakka goes inside alone to try and stop them himself but the Gullwings come to his aid. When Wakka’s baby is born, he receives a sphere of Chappu’s last message that tells him that Chappu lied about the sphere to make him angry and he tells him to just be himself. The message helps Wakka get himself together and he names his son Vidina, which means ‘future’ in Al Bhed. He also welcomes Tidus home after he returns to Besaid with Yuna.

    Appearance and Personality

    Wakka wears a yellow outfit with a yellow shoulder plate on his left arm. He has a long orange coif with a blue head band and is eyes are blue in colour. He bears a grudge against the Al Bhed because they do not follow Yevon and use machines. He is a strong believer of the Yevon religion and uses it as a guide for his decisions, which makes him very socially conservative. Although he can be old-fashioned, Wakka has a big heart and tries to cheer up everyone, even though it does not always work.


    Wakka mainly uses blitzballs, with sports-related names like World Champion and Off-season. His blitzballs alow him to attack enemies from a long distance and his accuracy is second-to-none. He can also inflict status aliments to enemies like poison and confusion and is capable of hitting more that one enemy.


    Wakka's Overdrive is called Slots of which the player can control the outcome. The faster it is completed, the more damage the attack does. There are four reels that Wakka can learn and each one has a different ability.

    Element Reels

    These four slots contain magical elements which are Water, Fire,Ice and Thunder. If three icons are matched up, then Wakka inflicts an attack on all enemies using element that is matched up. If two are the same, Wakka unleashes a single attack at random with the chosen element. If none of the icons match up, Wakka attacks at random, with a more powerful normal attack.

    Attack Reels

    These slots contain various attack multipliers which are 1 Hit, 2 Hit and Miss. The icons that are matched determine how many attacks take place. If all icons are the same, the attack is doubled for instance three two hit would attack twelve times. This one of the most powerful attack in the game.

    Status Reels

    These slots contain various negative status effects like Poison, Sleep etc. Wakka can unleash a status effect if three of the icons are matched up. Wakka can learn this reel after appearing in 250 battles in the blizball tournament.

    Aurochs Reels

    These slots contain a mixture of element and status reels. If three icons are matched up, Wakka can use a very powerful non-elemental, non-status attack upon enemies. Wakka can learn this reel after appearing in 450 battles in the blitzball tournament.

    Other Appearances

    Kingdom of Hearts II

    Wakka in KOHII
    Wakka in KOHII

    Wakka appears in this game alongside Sora, Riku, Kairi, Tidus and Selphie and is skilled with a ball. He spends his days playing on Destiny Islands and he invented the underwater ball sport along with Tidus. He is left behind on the island along with Tidus and Selphie when the others leave to carry on with their journey.


    • "I'm good, ya?"
    • "Yo, eat this, ya?"
    • "Everyone! Go-go-go!"
    • "I'm not done yet! C'mon!"

    Other Information

    • The voice of Wakka is played by John Di Maggio, the same person who voices both Bender (TV show Futurama) and Marcus Fenix (Game Gears of War).

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