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    Walker was a side scrolling shooter where you controlled a time travelling Mech and killed anything on the screen.

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    The game is controlled using both keyboard or joystick for movement, and the mouse for aiming and firing the guns which are prone to overheating. It scrolled right to left, there's no scrolling back and your walker can't turn around or aim behind itself. There are no power ups or upgrades.

    According to Mike Dailly, soon after an early success for the developer called Blood Money, the walker evolved from tinkering with a biped baddie there. Much like their more successful franchise Lemmings, Walker has tiny characters with many intricate animations (Mostly attacking the Walker) Early in development a small tech demo of proto Lemmings walking and dying was created to demonstrate that the then designed 16 x 16 human opponents could be smaller and still animate clearly, this led to development of Lemmings which was released in 1991. Walker would only see release two years after that around the time of Lemmings 2 which included a cameo from the Walker as a trap for the Space Tribe.

    It was extremely difficult on anything other than the easiest difficulty setting where enemies would approach from angles.


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