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    Wallace & Gromit in Project Zoo

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Oct 07, 2003

    Wallace & Gromit face off against Feathers McGraw, the villainous penguin, who has escaped from the penguin enclosure and taken over the Zoo.

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    Wallace and Gromit have adopted a Polar Bear from the same zoo Feathers McGraw is in. The pair sense trouble when they head to the zoo to visit the Polar Bear, called Archie, on his birthday as the zoo is inexplicably closed. Feathers McGraw has escaped and taken control of the zoo, forcing all the other adult animals to help him turn the zoo into a diamond mine by kidnapping all their children. Wallace & Gromit infiltrate the zoo using a trojan horse-like wooden penguin and begin trying to put a stop to the evil penguin's plot.


    Players take control of Gromit and must guide him through 6 levels, rescuing 3 baby animals in each (Elephants in the Jungle Exhibit level, Beavers in the mines, Gorillas in the subterranean facility, Pandas in the warehouse area, Polar Bears in the Polar Exhibit, and Zebras in the factories). In order to get things done, players must make use of Wallaces inventions. Wacky contraptions featured include the Techno Trousers, a Turnip Launcher, Springy Boots, Melt-o-matic and the famous Porridge Gun.

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