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Wallace Wells is a secondary character in the Scott Pilgrim graphic novel series and Scott's gay roommate. The two share a tiny apartment and sleep in the same bed out of basic necessity because there isn't room for a second one. The vast majority of the items that furnish their apartment were also purchased by Wallace, including Scott's toothbrush. In Book 1 of the comic, Wallace uses this to note that Scott is "[his] bitch forever."

Wallace's primary role in the story is as a source of morale support for Scott Pilgrim. He also helps Scott by doing research on the seven evil exes of Ramona Flowers.

In Video Games

In Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game, Wallace runs a secret shop located under the bridge in the Level 1. It's location is marked by a star painted on the wall. Wallace sells expensive items (over $100 Canadian!) which boost the player's stats, as well as a few items which are clear game references ("Neverending Fantasy" and "Speedy the Porcupine"). While the Bionic Arm he sells is the quickest way to max out the Strength stat, the 1UP ("Tlaloc's Feast") is far more expensive than the one sold at No Account Video, earlier on in the level.

More than two years after the game's release (Aug. 2012), Wallace was announced as a playable character via Downloadable Content. However, the content was massively delayed and only actually released on March 12, 2013 (on PSN). An XBLA release is TBA.

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