Walter Ray Williams Jr.

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    A Hall of Fame bowler. Voted second best bowler of all time and holds the most career wins by a bowler.

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    Walter Ray's signature style.
    Walter Ray's signature style.
    Walter Ray Williams Jr is one of bowlers greatest bowlers. He has the most wins ever and was inducted into the bowling Hall of Fame in 1995. He has earned the nickname "Dead Eye" from his accuracy in the sports of bowling and horseshoes. He has won 45 career titles including seven majors which is fourth all time. If he wins the Tournament of Champions, he will join Mike Aulby as the only two bowlers to win every major. He has won seven player of the year awards. He was voted the second best bowler of all time behind Earl Anthony.


    Career Wins

    • 1986 True Value Open
    • 1986 Fair Lanes Open
    • 1986 Hammer Open
    • 1987 Miller Lite Classic
    • 1987 Hammer Open
    • 1991 Japan Cup
    • 1993 Flagship City Open
    • 1993 Columbia 300 Open
    • 1993 Northwest Classic
    • 1993 Oregon Open
    • 1993 Tucson Open
    • 1993 Greater Grand Rapids Open
    • 1993 Paula Carter's Homestead Classic
    • 1994 Showboat Invitational
    • 1994 Touring Players Championship*
    • 1995 Rochester Open
    • 1996 Track Synergy Open
    • 1996 Showboat Invitational
    • 1996 Brunswick Johnny Petraglia Open
    • 1996 Rochester Open
    • 1996 Greater Harrisburg Open
    • 1997 Columbia 300 Open
    • 1997 Brunswick Johnny Petraglia Open
    • 1997 St. Clair Classic
    • 1998 Storm Flagship Open
    • 1998 U.S Open*
    • 1998 Brunswick Long Island Open
    • 1998 Bay City Classic
    • 1998 National Finance Challenge
    • 1999 Tucson Open
    • 2000 Track Canandaigua Open
    • 2000 Brunswick Johnny Petraglia Open
    • 2001–02 PBA National Championship*
    • 2001–02 Greater Cincinnati Classic.
    • 2002–03 Greater Detroit Open
    • 2002–03 U.S. Open*
    • 2002–03 PBA World Chapionship*
    • 2003–04 Earl Anthony Classic
    • 2003–04 ABC Masters*
    • 2004–05 Uniroyal Tire Classic
    • 2005–06 Denny's PBA World Championship*
    • 2006–07 Dyno Japan Cup
    • 2007–08 Motor City Classic
    • 2007–08 Great Lakes Classic
    • 2008–09 Lake County Championship

    Total money earned in that spand $3,917,402.
    * Major Titles

    Career Awards

    Player of the Year (1986, 1993, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2002-03)
    Harry Smith Point Leader Award (1993, 1994, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2002-03, 2007-08)
    George Young High Average Award (1993, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2002-03, 2004-05, 2007-08)
    PBA President (1995-96 & 2001-02)
    PBA Hall of Fame (1995)
    USBC Hall of Fame (2005)
    Ranked second on list of 50 Greatest Players in PBA History

    Life outside of bowling

    Walter Ray's video on how to play horseshoes.
    Walter Ray's video on how to play horseshoes.
    Walter Ray Williams Jr is a physics major. He has stated that when his bowling career is over that he would have to do something in physics. Also if he didn't end up being a pro bowler, he said he would have probabley tried to get a job with NASA. He also is a top Horseshoe champion and is in the National Horseshoe Pitching Association Hall of Fame. He also likes to golf. He has a 3 handicap in golf.

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