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Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune is an arcade tokyo street racing game which has cross-cabinet multiplaye in which players race competitively with their own car. The game allows players to upgrade their car and store that data on a magnetic card. As well as multiplayer, the game features a single player story and time attack mode. The arcade cabinet features a gear input, pedals and a steering wheel.

The game has a variety of tracks which the player can choose to race on either the day or night variation

Technical Details

  • This game used the Sega Chihiro type arcade system.
  • The game ran on the RenderWare engine
  • The game features magnetic cards.


The game features a variety of trance tracks by composer Yuzo Koshiro which areplayed whilst the player races. The games popularity justified the release of an official sound track disk.

  • 01 Enjoy The Process
  • 02 Inexhaustible Energy
  • 03 In Your Dream
  • 04 Get Down to the Drive
  • 05 Top-Flight Mechanics
  • 06 Wanna Try One Last Time
  • 07 Get you Cornered
  • 08 Love to Rise in the Summer Morning
  • 09 Evil Association
  • 10 Supreme Folly
  • 11 Control Your Body
  • 12 Shrewd Critic
  • 13 Cause You're Different
  • 14 Feel the Moment
  • 15 Black Pressure
  • 16 Phantom of Blue

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