Wanted: Weapons of Fate

    Game » consists of 12 releases. Released Mar 24, 2009

    Wanted: Weapons of Fate is a follow-up to the 2008 film which was loosely based on a graphic novel.

    tomance's Wanted: Weapons of Fate (Xbox 360) review

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    Good game, not for 60 bucks though

    I did enjoy my experience with Wanted but I'm glad I only rented it.  I beat the game in under 5 hours but those almost five hours were pretty good. 

    The Good

    Cover System-This may be my favorite cover system out now.  You can just from cover to cover very quickly and it does make you feel pretty badass.  When you blindfire your screen with turn slightly white around the edges meaning that all the enemies are in cover and you can move through cover very quickly.  Your character moves a bit faster and the enemies don't know where you are.  It is a good way to show how the assassins can get somewhere very quickly without being noticed.
    Bullet Curving-Probably the next best thing in the game is the bullet curving, hit the right button and a cursor is brought up with the path of your bullet locked onto an enemy. Fiddle with the stick until you   Let go of it when the highlighting of the enemy turns white(indicating the bullet will hit).  This isn't a one shot kill though,  hit them in the shoulder or chest and they may not go down.  What they will do is get knocked out of cover allowing you to take them down.  If you do get a one hit kill you may be treated to the really awesome bullet following camera, this is especially cool if you get a nice mean curve going.
    Story for Wanted fans-If you enjoyed the movie chances are you will enjoy the game.  The story in the game picked up a few hours after the end of the movie and fills out some of the gaps in Wesley's life. 
    Pussy Difficulty-Best name for easy difficulty ever.

    The Not So Good

    Replay Value- First time I played through the game I played on the normal difficulty level which wasn't much of a challenge.  I decided to try the Killer difficulty and It wasn't much harder, the only thing I really noticed was that the bullet curve didn't lock on as easily. 
    Length- The game is short, which is the main reason I can't recommend a purchase.  I beat the game in under 5 hours and I did not really rush through it.  I can only recommend it for a rental until the price eventually drops.

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