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Wanted is a great game really let down by it's short length.


  • Bullet curving mechanic is well implemented and not some easy mode instant kill button.
  • Pretty decent visuals.
  • Solid gunplay and cover system.


  • I finished the game in just over four hours. So it's terribly short.
  • Team Quotes as unlockables. Who cares? Not me.

I'm not familiar with the comics and the only things I remember from the movie are the keyboard "fuck you" scene and Angelina Jolie's ass but you don't really need to be familiar with either to enjoy Wanted: Weapons of Fate

So you'll start the game off and it plays essentially like Gears of War, though I think I like Wanted's cover system a bit more. It lets you move from cover to cover a bit more fluidly but then Wesley isn't wearing chunky space armor which I guess works in his favor.
While moving between cover you'll shoot dudes, though not with a variety of weaponry.
You have a pistol and later on you get some machine guns and there are a couple of sniper sections but that's it.

Early on the game will introduce the bullet curving and it's a fairly neat mechanic that manages to be useful without being an instant win button. You'll target folk and you'll be able to see their outline from behind cover. If it's red it's a miss, white you're good to go.

Chances are though they'll move and the shot will merely graze them, but that injures them and keeps them still enough that if they've moved enough from cover to reveal themselves you can usually pop a head shot in to finish them off.

Bullet curving with the machine gun armed will end with the bullets hitting their target and exploding. I don't know if it's explained why they explode, but they do and it's good for taking out multiple targets but it'll go through more of your adrenaline or whatever is they call the bullet curving meter.

If you get close enough to an enemy you can press B to do a quick melee kill and there are some enemies that will charge at you and if you don't take them out before they get to you well you'll have to mash B to kill them. Of course while this is going on you'll not be behind cover so the folk grabbing you, while a minor inconvenience most of the time can be painful in more critical moments.

The game has an equivalent of quick time events, but rather then press whatever button appears on screen you'll be shooting the targets as well as any bad guys in the area to continue some ongoing sequence of crazy shit that will happen. It works better than the more traditional method of quick time event because you don't have big X or A or whatever button appearing in the middle of said crazy shit and thus distracting you from it. You get to view the crazy shit AND do the quick time event.

Aside from curving bullets there is also bullet time, though rather then activate it whenever you want it's only an option when you're diving between cover. Using almost entirely stops everything that isn't you whilst you dive to another section of cover, letting you take pot shots on your way. While neat theres only one section where it's really necessary.

The game is fun while it lasts but unfortunately it doesn't last very long.
I managed to blow through it in just over four hours and there isn't a lot of incentive to play through it again unless you dig achievement points or unlockables which include concept art, comic book covers and "quotes from the team". I'm not sure anyone cares about what they have to say enough to play through anymore of the game then they actually want to but there you go.
It really needed to be twice as long as it is, I think.
That's still kind of short, but it'd be a lot more tolerable then four hours.

As a rental I recommend it, it IS a great game.
But I pity the fool who paid full price for it.

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