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The fifth game of the franchise, including the two spin-offs, not only takes place on the continent of "Antaria" but also on the "Tur Empire" from the eastern realm for the first time.

The game was famous for dividing the chapters using its chronological table. This made it easier to comprehend what event happened a country in what chronological order. The table itself was divided into 4 parts, each part representing a separate arc in the story-line.

  • Arc 1 : Shivan Scimitar // Tur Empire arc (CD1)
  • Arc 2 : Crimson Crusader // Pandragon Kingdom arc (CD2)
  • Arc 3 : Apocalypse // Gaysir Empire arc (CD3)
  • Arc 4: (Nameless) // Intertwine arc (CD0)

Once the individual stories of arc 1, 2 & 3 were finished arc 4 was playable, thus it was recommend to switch back and forth between the three arcs until they were finished. Each arc had a designated CD in order to play, thus forcing the players to swap CDs when switching between arcs.


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