PlayStation 4 Trophy Guide:

One Monster To Rule Them All!Defeat all of the bosses.Silver
It's a Monster ThingPlay all of the monsters.Silver
Battle MasterCollect 200,000 battle tokens.Silver
Sticks and StonesTaunt an enemy for the first time.Bronze
Defeat Goliath PrimeDestroy Goliath Prime and his Preytor minions.Bronze
Defeat VegonCompletely destroy Vegon.Bronze
Defeat Cerebulon: Destroyer of WorldsCompletely obliterate Cerebulon.Bronze
Zorgulon UnleashedUnlock Zorgulon.Bronze
Wrath of RaptrosUnlock Raptros.Bronze
Your First BattleDefeat Congar in the Midtown Park.Bronze
It Takes 2 to TangleWin a 2-player game as Player 1 for the first time.Bronze
You're a Big ShotUnlock the Big Shot mini-game.Bronze
Crush-O-RamaUnlock the Crush-O-Rama mini-game.Bronze
If You Can Dodge a Monster...Unlock the Dodge Ball mini-game.Bronze
You've got a Sweet Tooth!Play as Mecha Sweet Tooth.Bronze
Destroyer of WorldsUnlock all of the locked levels.Bronze
Monster FashionUnlock all of the special skins.Bronze
Master of Mini-GamesUnlock all of the mini-games.Bronze

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