War Pig

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    Turned-based strategy from German Magnussoft in the fashion of the 2D Worms franchise, but with pigs. Think of Hogs of War in 2D.

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    War Pig is very similar to the famous game Worms.  It seems to be a perfect blend of the 3D PSOne title Hogs Of War, but in the 2D pixel art style from the first Worms release.
    In other words, the player has to kill his enemy before the enemy kills the player.

    In War Pig you play in teams. A team can be human or computer controlled. 
    There are tons of weapons available, starting from ordinary rifles, pistols, rocket launchers, cannons, air-strikes and artillery.  

    But there is also a lot of little means and nastiness, that make the game what it is. 
    A player can send a zombie-pig to infect the enemies, he can also send lethal gas. 
    Of course there is also a hospital pig to heal your warriors and there is also a beamer to quickly get to a save place.

    In the end, there is only one thing that counts: Live longer than your enemy, even if only one of your pigs survives!

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