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    Warden Kuril

    Character » appears in 2 games

    A high ranking Turian within the Blue Suns who runs a prison ship called Purgatory in Mass Effect 2.

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    Kuril was involved in Law Enforcement for a part of his life (exactly how long is not known because it is not mentioned in the dialogue). He grew tired of criminals getting away with their crimes and escaping. And so he left his previous employer and joined up with the Blue Suns. He came up with the idea of housing the most violent inmates in a prison in space, so they would have nowhere to escape even if they were somehow able. Through the progression of the story it is revealed that Warden Kuril keeps inmates mainly for ransom. He is able to threaten worlds with the release of certain inmates onto their planet and charge them to prevent it from happening, it is extortion essentially. Warden Kuril meets his end in Mass Effect 2 when he attempts to keep Shepard for ransom instead of helping him as agreed. 
    Warden Kuril is Voiced by Fred Tatasciore


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