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    WarDevil: Unleash the Beast Within

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    Designed both as a Blu-ray movie and a video game, WarDevil is a long-in-development action game built for next-generation systems.

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    Wardevil: Unleash the Beast Within is an open world fantasy action-adventure game for the Playstation 3. The game is being developed by Digi-Guys and published by Ignition. The game uses a new game engine called RTE1080 (Real Time Engine). A Xbox 360 version was cancelled because the developers wanted to focus on one platform and they felt that was the platform where they could achieve the best quality that they are aiming for. It was later stated announced that yet again there would be an Xbox 360 version. They also say to expect levels in such places as ruined wastelands, desert strongholds, ruined hotels, huge bars, and military bases. Digi-Guys also released info that they are working on 'an accompanying a Blu-Ray movie that is at least graphically equal to the game. It will be used to debut various characters and scenarios throughout the life of the main WarDevil Project' (PSU, Jan 01/09), entitled WarDevil Chronicles.

    Nearly five years after being announced, and after months of silence from the developer, WarDevil was reported to be cancelled on October 25, 2010. However, in November of that year Ignition announced that development would be continued on WarDevil under the new codename "Project Kane", and projected a release window of Q4 2011.

    It is now January 2015, and almost five years after the last claim that it was still in development, no further word has been heard from WarDevil/Project Kane, so it can probably be safely assumed that the project has finally been cancelled once and for all, and that the developers have moved on with their lives.


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