Double Affinity Weekend

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This weekend sees yet another event but this one is a little more low key with double affinity to help you level up your warframes, sentinals and weapons that little bit faster. Purchase a double affinity booster and over the period of the event, you can gain QUAD affinity. This event also comes with a hot fix for the following:


  • Changes to calculate Clan Tier based on number of confirmed members, not pending. We have run a script to downgrade Clans affected by this “Pending” members occupancy.
  • Slash-Dash visual brightness tweaks.
  • Squad info will now be kept on screen regardless of matchmaking mode.
  • Nova’s Molecular Prime is less blinding on explosions.
  • The Dera Energy Rifle now uses both barrels.
  • Defense missions now begin when the pod/core is reached, meaning idlers do not determine when mission begins. One player must reach the defense target for the first Wave to start
  • Players who are AFK will drop mission critical items that they are carrying.

Warframe Nexus Android App Updated to 1.9.1

  • Fixed Warframe Nexus stealing focus from other running apps (finally!)
  • Added new "Resources" section to item filter list
  • Should consume less battery power when running now
  • Improved auto-retry responsiveness after detecting loss of network connection
  • Fixed notification filter not applying correctly to certain helmet blueprints
  • Fixed expired alerts not being sorted to bottom of list in all cases

Nightmare mode tuning:

  • Don’t allow 0 shields in nightmare mode if Vampire mode is in effect.
  • Energy Drain mode now gives zero shields in addition to draining energy. Reduced chance of Energy -Drain mode (33% instead of 50%).
  • Mobile Defense is now exempt from No-HUD mode.
  • No-Mini Map mode removed as it was universally despised (but if you really liked it, a post-it note will do the trick).


  • Fix for case when offline players enter a lobby and then join a friend during the countdown are unable to play.
  • Fix for animation glitch in Grineer melee enemy units when walking.
  • Fix for Flux Rifle not being able to damage ragolled enemies on client.
  • Fix for HUD breaking when reviving capture target affected with Nyx’s “Mind Control”.
  • Fixed continuous fire weapons not swapping out until you stop sprinting.
  • Fixes for badges on Wyrm and DethCube being offset.
  • Fix for weapons not returning after using Ash’s Bladestorm
  • Fix for Clients receiving the Power In Use error when casting Saryn's Venom ability
  • Fixed bad cases with Tesla, Bounce, and Bastille that would occur when the instigator player would die/respawn/leave the game.
  • Fix for players is unable to gain credits if they have a negative credit balance
  • Fix for potential problems that may arrise if a player is visiting another clan's Dojo.
  • Fix for Machete first Strike missing a lot
  • Fixed character walking up on top of crates when trying to destroy them with melee attacks
  • Fixed alt helmets applying their effects twice when you have a clan emblem projector equipped.
  • Fix for Dera's laser bolts will always hit to the let of the crosshairs
  • Fixed being able to immediately reload bow weapons every time the sprint key is
  • Fixed Saryn's Molt not showing vfx on clients.
  • Fix for Lech Kril being stuch in invincible mode on some encounters.
  • Fix for killing blows with OGris or Torid affecting resource drops for client. Further stability to replicated drops has been added.
  • Fixed APEX crash.
  • Fix for Clan Emblems not appearing for Clients.

The event is live now until Tuesday @ 12 noon EDT!

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Here's some footage of Giant Bomb Heavy INC during this weekend event.

The screenshots come from a Alert that happened today.

We did some Tower II and III Void missions with @mnemoidian@ravenlight@humanity@rapid

We did our first Tower III Mobile Defense as a clan squad today.These levels are designed to test a player's parkour skills. There are several secret loot rooms that can only be reached by wall running / climbing. Some rooms are timed meaning that once a floor switch has been activated that you a limit amount of time to reach the room before the door closes.

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Had a blast rolling with you guys! Definitely the most fun I've had in Warframe!

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