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#51 Posted by CrimsonNoir (413 posts) -

Just installed it, add me.

ID: CrimsonNoir

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#52 Posted by SoulTaker (147 posts) -

My user name is: SoulJem

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#53 Posted by Catfish666 (216 posts) -

Played a bit, wouldn't mind playing some more!

My nick is: Eminenssi

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#54 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

@JaredA said:

Also, you can jump over the orange shockwaves that the Jackal and the Shockwave MOA's send out.

That's a friggin' game-changer! Thanks!

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#55 Posted by Fierrze (202 posts) -

I'm up for some GB duder Warframin'. Username is Fierrze and i am playing with Mag and Trinity warframes. Also i got couple of beta codes if someone needs em.

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#56 Edited by EarlessShrimp (1849 posts) -

Just so you know, if you want to get some blueprints the best ways are to do alerts with "?" rewards and doing assassinate missions. I've gotten the Rhino Chassis and Helmet just today off two separate jackal runs. I highly recommend that.

EDIT: Well, I just tried to fight the Jackal 3 times in a row. The first and third time the floor came up without him at all. The second time he started on the rising floor, but when I crippled him, he fell through the damn thing. I've gotta take a break. EDIT TO THE EDIT: It appears it's just bugged for everyone. I know Neptune you can do the hyena, but I think that's much higher of a level.

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#57 Posted by Benny (2009 posts) -

My username is Anotherside if anyone's playing

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#58 Posted by Kato (189 posts) -

Hopefully this weekend we can put in some timmeeee. I've only just opened up Saturn and Venus.

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#59 Posted by TMBaker (269 posts) -

Being nothing but warframe for last 2 weeks for me really enjoying.

ID: TMBaker

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#60 Posted by bunnyfiend (35 posts) -

@Kato: Bunnyfiend, Bunnyfiend

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#61 Posted by EarlessShrimp (1849 posts) -

Oh man, this new update. Just when I got my rhino all crafted they throw new shit into the mix. Time to farm!

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#62 Posted by Buckaroosamurai (34 posts) -

@Kato: My name is BuckarooSamurai I'm done usually daily between 2-4 or Thursdays 4-? Yeah I'm wild like that. Weekends

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#63 Posted by Butler (438 posts) -

Caduceus is my username.

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#64 Posted by Kato (189 posts) -

Okay, so, I think we should definitely set up a "Bombing Run" of sorts. What nights is everyone free? We may do several, such as one for Americans and one for Europeans. Also, would anyone like to help out with running the clan? Inviting people, accepting invites, making sure that all GB duders know where to go? I can't get on every night unfortunately.

Looking forward to hearing from you all and planning the first official Warframe Bombing Run!

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#65 Posted by EarlessShrimp (1849 posts) -

I'm free most evenings on tuesdays and saturdays and sundays, other than that I'm pretty much booked up with school grocery shopping or work. I'm on the east coast too, for time purposes

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#66 Posted by ArtelinaRose (1994 posts) -

My in game name is Artemesia.

I have started playing this again, the updated mod system is really neat! However, it is also a bit tougher on my own now with the retweaked difficulty as I play Trinity, and Trinity is very squishy. It is a little tough to find public games, so if any duders want some help out there and I am online, feel free to invite me! Just let me know who you are cause I am antisocial and probably won't do anything with you otherwise.

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#67 Posted by Rorie (4128 posts) -

My username is "frailgesture." Add me!

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#68 Posted by mrcraggle (2869 posts) -

Feel free to add me. Same name on there as here.

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#69 Edited by I_Stay_Puft (5568 posts) -

I_Stay_Puft come add me if you'd like

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#70 Posted by Hokucho (94 posts) -

GB- Hokucho. WFN- Hokucho. Throw my hat in. Im an old closed beta player.

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#71 Posted by Iazu (21 posts) -

Name is Iazu, same as here. I'm on most night at some point.

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#72 Posted by ajamafalous (13399 posts) -


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#73 Posted by Orexis97 (88 posts) -

In game name is Orexis97, same as here.

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#74 Edited by kicker1991 (46 posts) -

kicker1991 same as here, ready to hop in, assuming servers come back up :/

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#75 Posted by MrWakka (290 posts) -

mrwakka, same as here.

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#76 Posted by Monkeyman04 (2486 posts) -

Name is Monkeyman04 which I was surprised it wasn't taken already. If it has to be said it's the same name as here.

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#77 Edited by Turkfinn (85 posts) -

Totally down for warframing with some duders/dudettes.

Steam ID: Turkfinn

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#78 Posted by MuttersomeTaxicab (823 posts) -

Steam ID: Mr_Hands

Warframe: Bharfgolem

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#79 Posted by TSteele (7 posts) -

My Warframe i.d. is TSteele, same as the GB username. Not sure how much I'm going to play but feel free to add me!

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#80 Posted by insane_shadowblade85 (1709 posts) -

I just started playing again when I found out it was on Steam (Not even level 1. Only played a bit of the Beta), hopefully I'll get deeper into it. Make sure to accept your clan invite duders, there are still people pending.

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#81 Posted by SuperKcross (100 posts) -

Been playing this quite a bit.

Warframe ID: Lord273

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#82 Edited by Hokucho (94 posts) -

Is anyone adding anyone else? Ive been waiting for an invite for over a month now...

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#83 Posted by WilliamHenry (1285 posts) -

Just started playing this. Its pretty fun so far. My name on there is williamhenry.

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#84 Posted by spiketail (200 posts) -

Warframe ID: spiketail

US West night shift worker, so you'll find me on in the late hours during weekends and mid-mornings during the day.

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#85 Posted by Murgin (9 posts) -

ID: Murgine

I've been off a while but think I'll get back in now that I got a lot of time on my hands.

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#86 Posted by Cerogravian (382 posts) -

Warframe: ToasterBoss

I added a couple of you from the list, haven't seen much activity yet though.

Of the European persuation.

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