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Hey guys just so you guys know my main PC (writing this on my macbook) has been compromised by either a trojan or an annoying piece of malware, I'm not sure. It doesn't look like so far *crosses fingers* that any of my accounts have actually been touched. Either way I'm not risking using my main PC till I can get this rectified.

What this will entail is a new hybrid drive to replace my current HDD, and a complete reinstall of windows 7. I ran Malwarebytes, Microsoft Security Essentials and Super Anti Spyware a number of times after the first incident. I say incident because on one hand it looked like an attack (someone typing into my Chrome omnibar) but it could also be a piece of malware that triggers in Chrome since I've only noticed this behaviour in Chrome. My mouse never moved on its own, at least not that I noticed anyways. Anyways the first run of Malwarebytes found 3 objects which I deleted. Every scan after that came up clean so I thought I was all good, but then I got attacked again at around 1am EST last night. The odd thing is these attacks or whatever happened between 1 and 2 am each time. I havent re hooked up my PC to the web since the 2nd incident just in case and I'm not going to till I get it reformatted.

Regardless it will take a least a week for me to get the new drive and set up my PC again, going to wipe the old drive and just use it as extra storage since its still good. Hopefully the infection isn't a rootkit and lodged in the drive's cache.

Anyways long story short I wont be online for at least a week, but please let me know via private message on these forums if you see odd activity coming from my account. If I don't respond to tells, or act erratically, etc. It's probably not me.

Also I did use another device to change my warframe password.


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