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Hi. Started playing few days ago.

Can you send invite? I'm mikeful in-game.

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#252 Posted by Mnemoidian (1016 posts) -

@mikeful: Could've sworn I replied yesterday... either way, invited!

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Pretty much a noob also, can I get an invite?

lategordon is the name.

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#254 Posted by Rapid (1592 posts) -

Pretty much a noob also, can I get an invite?

lategordon is the name.

Will send you an invite when I get the chance or if @mnemoidian is available he'll be able to invite you.

A Look at Update 12 Coming Soon

Loading Video...

  • New Warframe : Zephyr
  • New Clan Decorations & Tech
  • New HUD
  • 3D Portraits
  • New Player Tutorials, Auto Equip / Auto Fusion?
  • Stacking Duplicate Mods in the UI
  • Polarity Swapping
  • Forest & Jungle Tileset on Earth
  • Domination Game Mode
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@rapid: Getting hype over U12, wonder what weapons and assorted primes they have for us this time! Zephyr looks fun, but not necessarily a 'frame that will be endgame-potential.

Read some rumors that Vay Hek may be dropping Brakk parts - so that's exciting for everyone who didn't take part of the Gravidus event - if it's true.

@lategordon: Invited.

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Yo duders! Although I've stopped playing due to a backlog of games, I got a friend who is in need of a clan. So far he has put 300 hours into it so he should be an asset to you guys. Would you kindly accept ShadowHound_D7 to the GB clan?

Edit: Oops, he gave me the incorrect username. I've corrected it.

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@thunderslash: Servers are down since Update 12 just went live and flocked onto it at once but will do when possible.

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So as someone who hasn't played this game regularly in probably almost a year now: what's changed? I'm pretty sure the last time I played was when they were giving away the blueprint for the special Frost warframe (or when they nerfed Banshee aoe maybe?) Is the game still mostly just running the same 7-8 high-yield missions to grind out mod drops? Because, as fun as the game is in the moment-to-moment action, that got pretty old after over a hundred hours.

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@rapid:Did you have time to start construction on the Tenno-research room in the dojo? If not, I could do it, but I'm not sure where to put it - I don't have quite the same feel for the dojo that I used to :)

Nevermind, found it!

@ajamafalous: It's really hard to summarize a year of updates, obviously - but I'll give it a whirl. I believe what you are describing is mid Update 7, and we had Update 12 drop last night.

They've rebalanced all weapons with Damage 2.0, radically changing how weapons deal damage - making a lot more weapon types at least somewhat viable for the late-game.

There are dozens of new weapons, a lot of warframes (Nova, Oberon, Nekros, Zephyr, Vauban, Valkyr) and 3 primed Warframes (Frost Prime, Mag Prime, Ember Prime), several new tilesets (Forest, Orokin Void, Grineer ships, Corpus planets, Grineer planets, Orokin Derelicts). There are a few new mission types (invasion, survival and interception). Recon missions have been removed and Capture has been modified with better mechanics. There are now "ninja scarves" (think Shinobi).

There are a few new bosses, and a couple of the old bosses have been updated with new (more interesting) mechanics.

The UI has been replaced. A new tutorial. A metroid prime-like scanning and codex system. An improved new-user guide (in the codex). The (clan) dojo has been added and then fully replaced with a new (better) tileset. There is clan research in dojos which require clans to work together to unlock content, unlocking weapons and warframes.

There is now PvP dueling and PvP arenas - though DE has stayed strong with their "we don't balance for PvP"-mantra (but there's been regular balancing for PvE).

In the near future we have Melee 2.0, which is expected to be released in the coming weeks. (with Update 12 last night, they've delivered most of the short-term stuff, which is why this section is so empty :P)

And in the further future (as in 'this year'), DE has released an early plan for what they intend to do with "endgame" content (showing that they agree that the game is currently missing an endgame) - sounds like there are exciting times ahead. The plan includes clans being able to control some areas of the solar system, with PvE wars between players.

And DE keeps being pretty transparent about what they are doing with the game, and where it is going. Personally - I have a lot of faith in what DE is doing with Warframe, and the list above is quite impressive, IMO.

But... yes, the game is still largely about enjoying the actual combat and building up your Tenno's power potential, through acquiring weapons, warframes and mods.

Hope that helps.

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@mnemoidian: Thanks for taking the time to summarize everything; I'm sure you understand it's much easier (and much more likely for me to continue caring about it) if I can just ask and have someone tell me instead of trying to read 30 patch note dumps.

Sounds like they've added enough and changed enough for it to be interesting to me for at least another few weeks. I really did love the game (and how much it reminded me of Diablo II / PSO), but it all felt kinda stale after a while with the best way to earn mods being the wave-based survival missions, and the curve on the mod fusion feeling kinda ridiculous. How's the clan stuff work, and are there any direct benefits to being in and contributing to a clan other than for the sense of community (faster build times, exclusive blueprints, etc.)?

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@ajamafalous: I guess by "survival" you are talking about defense? (I understand that you wouldn't have hte same vocabulary after being away from the game for a while). Defense is stationary, focused around protecting an objective (usually a cryopod), wave-based, with possible extractions every 5 waves.

I ask because "Survival" is a new gametype which has some similarities to defense, but there's no defense objective - rather you need to keep defeating enemies as fast as you can and picking up "life support cannisters" to keep the mission going - receiving a reward every 5 minutes.

And... survival is the new "most optimal" method of gaining large quantities of mods (well, fusion cores, really) - but as part of the whole codex system, they've also put specific mods on specific enemies - so if you are looking for, say Serration (rifle damage +X%), you'll want to look for Grineer Scorpions and 2 types of infested crawlers. While Hornet Strike, the pistol equivalent is found on Infested Toxic Ancients (by the way, you can see this in the Codex as you scan enemies).

A subtle change, but while it may make it frustrating to find specific rare mods (say something that only drops from a specific kind of crawler) - it's also a lot less random.

re:Clan stuff. Well, dojo building and clan research is balanced so that the costs scale with the clan size - I forget which size we are now (up to 100 members?), but it's intended to scale so that a fair number of the members need to contribute to make progress. As for the GBHI clan - we've unlocked pretty much all of the pre-Update 12 content has been unlocked (there may be a health restore pack blueprint we've not unlocked yet, I'm not sure at the moment).

The major benefit (beyond access to the community, regular players) is access to the clan research blueprints. There's talk about tying the endgame of Warframe into clan play (with groups of clans controlling certain missions in some manner (this is very early planning)).

I don't mind answering questions - was more that "What's happened in the last year" is a pretty broad answer, more narrow questions are a lot easier to respond to ;)

edit: at thread, avoiding double-posting: Just played my first Update 12 game, I really like the new HUD, though the minimap partially leaving the screen during extreme maneuvers may be an issue. But in general, the HUD really lifted the experience for me :)

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@mnemoidian: @ravenlight Dabbled some into the new update something not necessarily mentioned in the updates that we found out.

  • Steel Charge Aura got a buff and can reach rank 10 now allowing the mod capacity increase to be 14 or 28 if the polarity matches.
  • It's going to take some time to unlock Zephyr, the blueprint requires 5K Oxium and each part requires 1k = 8000 Oxium required to unlock the research.
  • Research for the new clan tech weapons have already started
  • Interception the new game mode on Earth is where the new mod "Natural Talent" (improved casting speed) drops
  • Valkyr now has 600 Base Armor (my god) and Hysteria now accounts for melee mods
  • Bows are awesome again ie. I have 125% crt rate on Paris Prime (45% base) Dread apparently has 50% crit rate now
  • Leader Enemy Types (ie. Ice Leader Grineer can cast a mobile snow globe)
  • New Boss(es) Hyena Pack

Yo duders! Although I've stopped playing due to a backlog of games, I got a friend who is in need of a clan. So far he has put 300 hours into it so he should be an asset to you guys. Would you kindly accept ShadowHound_D7 to the GB clan?

Edit: Oops, he gave me the incorrect username. I've corrected it.

Just a heads up I was unable to add your friend to the clan because invite system returns username doesn't exist when I tried yesterday. I'll try again when I get home.

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#264 Posted by ThunderSlash (2588 posts) -

@rapid: Hmm... I accidentally gave you the wrong username initially before correcting that through a post edit. I'll have to ask my buddy about this.

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#265 Posted by Nilhelm (30 posts) -

Man, I've been playing this for like a month now and just now discovered their is a clan system after spotting this thread.

Would love an invite if there is any room, BamseSmurf is the username!

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#266 Posted by Rapid (1592 posts) -

@nilhelm: I sent you an invite. Once you accept you'll need to craft key to gain access to clan's dojo. A blueprint should appear in your foundry.

@thunderslash: No worries, I managed to add your friend now.

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#267 Posted by ThunderSlash (2588 posts) -

@rapid: I'm glad that's been resolved. Thanks a bunch!

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@rapid: Almost starting to feel sorry for the Corpus, they've been getting hammered since Gravidus - and now adding Oxium farming to the mix is going to continue skewing things in Grineer favor.

I have a feeling that those "leader types" will become really ... interesting... when you use something like Penta in hour+ survival... imagine the horror of an ancient healer popping up something like a snowglobe at a bad time and having your penta grenade pop in your face :s

Didn't realize you were recording the Darvo run (though that does make sense) - I feel a bit bad for bringing Nova, Brakk and dual ichors! Would've probably been more entertaining with a slower setup - considering that 80% of the time I'm on screen I'm zorencoptering :s

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#269 Posted by UberExplodey (998 posts) -

Mind if I bother you guys for a clan invite? Interested in checking out the new update and new frame. Thank you thank you

IGN: UberExplodey

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#270 Posted by Mnemoidian (1016 posts) -
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#271 Posted by ghoti221 (108 posts) -

Hello folks; been playing a while as a ronin, finally decided to take the clan plunge. Do you folks have room for one more? My in game name is LordOfTurtles.



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#272 Posted by ajamafalous (13398 posts) -

@mnemoidian: Any chance I can get a clan invite? I'm ajamafalous in game.

Also, I've got some more questions:

Can you explain the difference between Orokin Derelict and Orokin Void (and also give me a basic sense of what they are. Just more high-level missions?) and the difference between a Void Key and crafting a specifc Orokin Derelict key?
What's a Titan Extractor do, specifically, and is it worth crafting?
What is the event going on right now (Operation, I guess, is the technical term) and how the hell do I actually discern what's going on with it by just looking at the HUD?
What do I need to know about Damage 2.0? It used to just be "throw all the elemental mods on your weapon that you can because that'll raise the damage the most," but it seems like maybe that's changed?

I feel like I had another question or two but I've forgotten them after I started typing.

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#273 Edited by Mnemoidian (1016 posts) -

@ajamafalous: You're already in a clan - you'll need to leave that one before you can join us!

Orokin Void vs Orokin Derelict:

From a lore perspective, the Orokin were a powerful race that is now long extinct (supposedly caused by the Tenno) - the Orokin Void missions take place in "Towers" that the Orokin have hid "in the void" - which has been described as "pocket dimensions", with advanced defense systems which dominates weaker minds.

The Orokin Derelicts are Orokin ships that were not hidden away in the void, and as such have fallen into disrepair and have been infested by the Technocyte plague - resulting in them being swarmed with infested enemies.

From a gameplay perspective - yes, these are considered more difficult than the majority of the "normal" missions - and are gated by requiring keys to access. Orokin Derelict keys are created by combining "Nav coordinates" that drop in missions into keys (through crafting in the forge). Orokin Derelicts also drop special Nav coordinates for the Orokin Derelict boss (which give you access to Nekros). while Orokin Void keys are semi-rare drops (not crafted) and come in 3 difficulties (T1, T2, T3 - easiest to hardest).

Between the void difficulties, orokin derelict and nightmare missions (which are difficult because of 'mutators' ("no shields", "no energy", "low gravity", "health is constantly ticking down, kill enemies to gain health") - it's hard to really say which missions are most difficult, but I'd probably put the T3 missions at the highest end still, though Survival and Defense are endless - meaning they'll all eventually become "impossible" to deal with.

Titan Extractors - I'm torn on them, but I've started using them. Basically you build one, and you "deploy" it to a sector and it'll collect a random resource (from that sector) for you, regardless of if you are playing or not, with resources available for gathering every 4 hours. Higher (account) mastery rank allows you to deploy more extractors, up to a current max of 3 if you are rank 10 or higher (or 4 if you are also a Founder/Prime Access purchaser). It's been a nice way for me to pick up some extra circuits and salvage, which I seem to be running low on lately Can't get Oxium this way (yet?) though.

Operations are normally listed among the news in the top left of the screen when you are on the sun system view. Right now, there is no operation running - the latest one was the "Operation Oxium Espionage", which gave us access to Oxium - which is used in the Tenno research lab (dojo building) and to build Zephyr, the latest Warframe.

Damage 2.0 is quite a bit more complicated than the old method - but that's a good thing, as it has added a lot of depth to the system. Basically, the game has 3 basic damage types: Slash, Impact, Puncture, and 4 basic elemental types: Toxin, Heat, Electricity and Toxin, and adding several of the elemental types to a weapon will combine them into the advanced elemental types:

  • Heat and cold becomes "Blast"
  • Electricity and Toxin becomes "Corrosive"
  • Heat and Toxin becomes "Gas"
  • Cold and Electricity becomes "Magnetic"
  • Heat and Electricity becomes "Radiation"
  • Cold and Toxin becomes "Viral"

And each of these 13 damage types have a unique status effect, which has a weapon specific (+mods) chance of being applied on attack. For instance, Slash causes bleed, Electricity causes a chain attack, and Corrosive debuffs the "armor" stat. Important: Combos are determined by the order you place mods - from left to right, and top row to bottom row. If the weapon has a built in elemental type, that is applied AFTER all other mods.


  1. You have a Braton with Heat and Cold in the top left and bottom right slots, you'll get Blast, regardless of what other (non-elemental) mods you put between them.
  2. You have an Ignis (Flamethrower, heat element is build in). If you put Cold, Toxin in it, your weapon will deal Viral and Heat damage.

To make things a bit complicated (and interesting) - there are 4 armor types per faction (7 for Void, because they are using enemies from all factions), which each is strong and weak against certain elements. This is where I tend to visit the Unofficial Warframe wiki and look up the Damage 2.0 article to get an idea of what I should go for. Typically, either target the most difficult units you'll be facing (say if it's Grineer, you probably want to optimize for Napalms and Bombards) or try to find something that is fairly catch-all, without a lot of drawbacks - like Corrosive and Heat, or something - but that's not a great solution.

Optimally, you should be using the 3 loadouts per waepon to prepare for the different factions. Realistically, that's not something I do myself... but I feel like it's something I should do.

Good to know about Damage 2.0 is that it's almost never worth modding for slash, impact or puncture damage, because the multiplier per mod (and per mod power) is terrible (max-ranked +Slash damage mod for Rifles costs 9, is +30% damage) - and because of how the damage calculation works out. Instead, grab the flat damage multiplier (Serration for rifles, max ranked costs 14, deals +165% damage) and a few elemental mods (Cold costs 9 power, is +90% damage). And there's always dpsframe.com to do the math for you.

In a few weeks, we're also getting "Melee 2.0", which is a similar iteration on the melee concept, adding a lot of depth and complexity.

That got pretty long. Sorry :)

@rapid: If my math is correct, we're now at around 99 members, so we need to start thinking about how to deal with this again - I guess we'll just start replacing the people who haven't been online in a long time as we did before. I'm certainly for inviting new people over keeping people who have not logged in in months - again, allowing people who have been removed to be invited back in.

Don't think we're in a position to upgrade to Mountain Clan (up to 300 members) at this point, considering the number of actually active people.

edit: @ghoti221: Almost forgot to mention, sent you an invite :)

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#274 Posted by EvilTheSlayer (18 posts) -

Heyo! If you get a chance could you throw an invite to DroganTheSage and ProtoNeiko that would be awesome just started playing this afew days ago. Enjoying it so far.

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#275 Posted by ajamafalous (13398 posts) -

@mnemoidian: Oh, whoops, looks like I was still in the old (dead) GB clan. Dropped it, should be good now.

Also, dude, don't apologize for going long; I'd much prefer it over just glossing over things. I'm a sliver away from Mastery Rank 6 and have 5-6 level 30 warframes, so I was definitely pretty well-versed in the old stuff. The hardest part about coming back to a constantly-evolving game (Dota, Warframe, WoW, TF2, Dungeon Defenders, etc.) after a year is how similar and familiar the moment-to-moment stuff still is, but how foreign and just different enough that you feel completely lost all of the surrounding stuff is.

Okay, so, one of the first major things I'm interested in is crafting Frost Prime. That means I care about Orokin Void keys and not Orokin Derelict keys, right? The Void keys are either a random drop or bought with platinum, so I basically just have to hope I get (buy?) the right type of Void key that drops the blueprints, then hope that the blueprints actually drop?

You sure there wasn't an operation going on last night? Seemed like there were some percentage bars on the top left of the star map, and then I found a mission where I could either fight with the Grineer or the Corpus against the other and got an extra reward for doing it five times. If that's not an actual operation, is that just a thing that's ongoing now?

I also remember that crit was almost never worth modding for except in a few cases (Lex, Paris, etc. Basically weapons that already had huge crit %s). Is that still the case, or is crit viable on things like assault rifles now too?

Does the clan have an active group of dudes who run 'endgame' stuff? I feel like my biggest gripe with the game is that it's hard to pug a successful group of people for the harder planets.

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#276 Posted by Mnemoidian (1016 posts) -

@ajamafalous: For Frost prime, you'll want Exterminate (T1,2,3 for different parts) keys and Survival keys (T3) - I really recommend to check the wiki for information, see: http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Orokin_Void it's a great source for information on stuff like that. And yeah, correct, we're talking abouit Orokin Void here - no frost prime parts in Derelict missions. Most reliable method of farming them is to play Defense and survival missions. And it helps to have a group of people to play with here - as everyone in the mission gets the same reward, meaning you could potentially do 4 void keys. And yeah, then it's just down to hoping you get what you're hoping for.

I see what you mean about operations now - that's (another) pretty new system - "Invasions", basically, Grineer and Corpus will invade one another's systems at random-ish intervals (though really, there is almost always an invasion of some kind going on). Fill out the bar for one side and you'll get that reward when the invasion finishes (doesn't matter which side wins) - if you play for both sides, you count as "siding" with the side that you played the most missions for. I'm not clear on what happens if you go 5 for both sides - but I'd assume you don't get a reward at all. But yeah, they're like mini-operations.

Crit builds (crit chance and crit damage) is still largely the domain of already high-crit and/or high-firerate weapons, but there may be exceptions. Not sufficiently up to date on how viable status chance builds are for weapons either, unfortunately.

And yeah, there's ~5-10 of us who try to do a bunch of lategame content a couple of nights per week. It's mostly US-friendly times though (say, 23:00-01:00 UTC). More people are active during operations, normally.

I'll try to get you an invite tomorrow, if Rapid doesn't get to you first.

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#277 Edited by StormTPhoenix (27 posts) -

Question from a clan member, yet still a relative newb to Warframe: Is there any benefit besides the extra polarity slot for going Frost Prime over normal Frost? I know I want to use a Frost 'frame of some sort in the future, but I don't know how big of a deal the differences are between normal and Prime.

Another question I've been wanting to ask deals with a specific playstyle. What frame lends itself well to sniping and/or general HVT elimination? If I'm not being the tank, that's the kind of role I feel I lend myself well to, that or support role.

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#278 Posted by ajamafalous (13398 posts) -

@mnemoidian: I had already read the wiki pages for both the void and the derelict, but I felt like it wasn't clear enough in differentiating the two (or maybe just because I had no context for them yet), which is why I decided to ask you directly. Same thing for the extractors and Damage 2.0, actually.

I hope you don't feel like I'm just asking you instead of checking other sources first, because there were some other new things (the newer warframes and where to farm them, mod transmutation, etc.) that I also looked up on the wiki first but decided that their entries were detailed enough that I didn't need to ask you about them.

But yeah, thanks for all your help! I'm sure I'll be back with more questions again at some point.

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#279 Posted by Mnemoidian (1016 posts) -

@stormtphoenix: As far as I am aware, Prime Warframes only have additional polarities, and are able to "use" the deathorbs in Void missions - are otherwise identical to normal Warframes except for cosmetically.

Prime weapons typically have very slightly different statistics and different polarities.

@eviltheslayer: Invited DroganTheSage, but there is no ProtoNeiko user to invite - please check the name.

@ajamafalous: Invited. And no problem, just making sure you know about the wiki :)

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#280 Posted by ghoti221 (108 posts) -
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#281 Posted by rubberluffy (736 posts) -

Just got back into the game after not playing for a while. An invite would be pretty cool, same name in game as here.

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#282 Edited by Rapid (1592 posts) -

@mnemoidian: I removed some members that have NOT logged in into the game in over 100 days. Cut the list down a bit but steadily climbing back. We'll see what happens. On a brighter note:

Giant Bomb PC Clan Photo-shoot happened today

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5

@rubberluffy: I've sent you an invite

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#283 Posted by Humanity (16205 posts) -

@rapid: Startling lack of Nyx frames..

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#284 Edited by Rapid (1592 posts) -

@humanity: It was pretty impromptu we had a few people in the dojo at the same time, so I tried to get as much people online at the time.

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@rapid: Nyx is only THE BEST frame ever.. piloted by the most skilled, able and may I say so myself, dashingly handsome of users.

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#286 Posted by Rapid (1592 posts) -
@humanity said:

@rapid: Nyx is only THE BEST frame ever.. piloted by the most skilled, able and may I say so myself, dashingly handsome of users.

Well obviously you need to be on to give newer clan members your wisdom and motoring! =P Nyx also has a pretty slick tribal looking immortal skin.

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#287 Posted by Humanity (16205 posts) -

@rapid said:
@humanity said:

@rapid: Nyx is only THE BEST frame ever.. piloted by the most skilled, able and may I say so myself, dashingly handsome of users.

Well obviously you need to be on to give newer clan members your wisdom and motoring! =P Nyx also has a pretty slick tribal looking immortal skin.

What do these young whippersnappers know about Chaos on a defense void run..

I was checking out my inventory today and realized I have a frost prime helmet, chassis and systems.. but not the blueprint. So close..

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#288 Posted by moosenukes (9 posts) -

Could I get an invite to this wonderful establishment? I've only gotten as far as Saturn/Mars so far but I think I'm going to stick with this game for a while.

My name is moosenukes

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#289 Posted by Mnemoidian (1016 posts) -

Missed out on the legendary cores by a few minutes. :|

@moosenukes: Invited.

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#290 Posted by masterverhoffin (158 posts) -

I just came back after a fairly long absence (login to it from Steam, get 35 achievements in 5 minutes :P) and wondered if there was a GB clan. Turns out, there is! I'd love an invite when you get a chance. I go by Retrokinesis in game and am still getting readjusted to the updated stuff, but it's great so far.

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#291 Posted by Mnemoidian (1016 posts) -

@rapid: No kidding on the numbers creeping back up quickly, we're back at 99 :s

Guess we need another purge round.

@masterverhoffin: Invited!

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#292 Edited by CornBREDX (7198 posts) -

If you can I'd like an invite. I started checking it out recently and was surprised at how satisfying the combat actually is (for free to play- I mean, no offense, but you know...)

I got past Mercury fairly easily but after that the game got a little bit more confusing. No clue if I am playing right in the areas of say gear and what not but I'll figure that out. I was concerned by this mainly because the next open mission I found (I think on Venus) I got my ass handed to me (well, not quickly, but man that mission was rough- I was constantly running out of ammo). I assume I need to play with other people more maybe or I just have bad gear. I can't tell.

Anyway, the games surprisingly fun to play and I'll probably play it off and on casually.

Edit: I'm an idiot. Sorry I wrote that late at night and forgot. My name in game is cornbredx. Pretty sure.

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#293 Posted by Virtualpolecat (77 posts) -

Hey, could i get an invite? I am ajamafalous' brother.

my IGN is charliezard.


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#295 Posted by Mnemoidian (1016 posts) -
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#296 Edited by Rapid (1592 posts) -

We once again are running up against our current clan size limit. Because of this I have removed members who have not logged in for more 70 days.

I've also revised our clan ranks and titles.

Jackel2027 (Warlord | Founder)

@rapid (Warlord)

@mnemoidian (Grand Commander)

As now the rank of "Grand Commander" you will have the same privileges as I do. The ability to not only invite, but to also remove members from the clan. As well as your other previous abilities.

@mrcraggle (General) As an old Vanguard, replacing the old "Officer" title with "General"

@tekums@ravenlight@disposablehero / Tokujiro @echoes83 (Sage) - As sages, I've modified the rank so anyone with the rank of "Sage" now has the ability to initiate dojo research. (Useful when @mnemoidian and I are not in game and a new research added.)

Artemesia, Randanger,Tauzen , Journ3y@margraviate@murgin / Murgine (Solider) If any newbies need help the following people are also quite knowledgeable and will be able to help you out. They are also able to promote an "Initiate" to a "Solider"

No Caption Provided

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@rapid: Nice list of promotions! Good job everyone! :)

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Username: Mr_Tittious_Jones_3rd

Can I have an invite please?

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They appear to be running a anniversary thing right now, with a unique version of the Furis (Dex Furis) for people logging in, as well as a special cosmetic skin for Excalibur (for 150 plat - looks like Hayden Tenno in Dark Sector) - both only available for a limited period (7 days).

You should at least make sure you get the Dex Furis - though, obviously, I picked up the skin as well - looks awesome with my Excal Prime's color scheme!

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