Operation Arid Fear! (Community Event)

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Operation Arid Fear!

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  • New Grineer Settlements have been discovered -- your help is needed to unlock them!

    After our successful defense of the Corpus from the Fomorian Invasion, we received intel that the Corpus are in possession of information regarding the location of secret Grineer Settlements within the solar system. Infiltrating these Grineer Settlements is crucial - we must find the Corpus Scouts that hold this information. The Corpus have hidden these Scouts in the Void to escape us -- we must capture them!

    To enter the Void and find these Scouts, you'll need to collect Datamass and Cipher components by completing replayable special Alert Missions. Once you've received these components, you'll need to obtain a Corpus Void key blueprint within the Market. Using these components, visit the Foundry and build a Corpus Void key that will take you to the vessel located in the Void. You must capture the Corpus Scout onboard the vessel and complete the mission.

    Once each capture is complete, you and every Tenno in the mission will receive a point. Diligence is key. Capture as many Scouts as possible. We will track your progress and notify you when we have acquired all of the necessary information to piece together the exact location of the Settlements.

    If we are successful in our mission*:

    - All contributing players will receive a holographic event badge

    - Top clans will receive a statue for their Dojo**

    - A new set of enemies and the Grineer Settlement will be revealed!

    * Rewards will be given after the event is completed.

    ** If you are in a clan of 1 to 1000 people, your clan will fit into one of the following tiers based on its size:

    Ghost Clan: 1-10 members

    Shadow Clan: 11 - 30 members

    Storm Clan: 31-100 members ( <- Giant Bomb HEAVY INC)

    Mountain Clan: 101-300 members

    Moon Clan: 301 - 1000 members

    If you are in a clan of 1001+ people, your score will be normalized based on total points and total clan members (not including Pending).

Along with this update comes additions and patches for Update 9.5 https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/92568-update-95-operation-arid-fear/

The community award is that the new outpost tileset will become unlocked. Looks like unlike last event we don't get individual awards (either than a emblem) so I don't know how motivated the community will actually be to accomplish this event. Our clan size has also increased so if anyone is doing the weekend event and wants to join Giant Bomb Heavy INC post your in game name here http://www.giantbomb.com/warframe/3030-38788/forums/heavy-industries-official-gb-clan-1446220/#86

Good Hunting Duders!



Phase One of Operation Arid fear is nearing completion, and it has been revealed that the Settlements are hidden deeper than we expected. The Corpus are dispatching reinforcements for the next phase.

Though the Grineer Settlements remain hidden, we have discovered the Corpus were stockpiling new Dual-Stat Mod technology within the Void. Tenno operatives will receive these rewards based on their contribution:

1 Point: SHRED MOD (Rare)

50 Points: VIGOR MOD (Rare)

100 Points: LETHAL TORRENT (Rare)

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@rapid: Remove All button on Mod screen.. such a small thing but so good. Now if they only had a Mod Save option so you could copy loadouts and save presets for each Frame and weapon.

I don't think they should have included the crafting and going into the void bit part of the challenge. Can you even group with random strangers for void keys or is it invite only? Like you said, it seems like a lot of work for a relatively minor pay-off.

Also I'm glad they fixed some of the drop rates. I know a lot of people have been complaining about plastids on forums and Wikis. Also I think Raptor has an issue where his drop rate is pretty shitty.

Anyway I'll hopefully get to rock out with you and Mnem in some of these Void maps - excited to see the new tilesets. Also I hope my new idle animation is Nyx shaking her booty.

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@humanity: I am liking the new idol animations and new font makes thing easier to read

I have no idea about the void part. I've just purchased the blue print looks like the bp requires one of each type of drop and takes no time to craft. 60 seconds

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@rapid: I appreciate this more for the updates. The event itself seems a little convoluted considering your best reward is a clan statue and we all know there are several clans out there that will grind out thousands of points because they're insane.

Still if anything it's a decent change of pace from the regular maps.

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Really digging these weekly events. I'll be available for much of the weekend to lend a hand to the effort.

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I've been using my duplicates mainly for early level-ups on the mods I want to use. However, this is fucking AWESOME!

Also, this is all coming at a good time. We just received some promo keys for Warframe at work to do a showcase of the game. Seems like the perfect time to finally get it installed and show people what it's all about!

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Im having fun with the event so far. Yeah its a bit grindy but what isnt in this kind of game. I decide to start an Ash with these alerts, since they arent high level it should be possible to level without dying too much. Definately a big change from running around with my Rhino and Frost though, im very squishy :D

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They updated the event so now there are individual goals.

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Had a ton of fun grinding out 100 points with you guys. Managed to level a frame and a couple weapons in the process, as well. Really looking forward to messing around with that pistol mod.

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Curiously, at first glance I felt like the 100 point mod was really underwhelming, but at second glance...

Well, Shred is problematic because Puncture is considered way too high budgeted to make sense (afaik, the "0.2" is meters. Most things in Warframe is a lot more than 0.2 meters thick :P). Vigor sounded good... but I can't really find a use for it. Redirection will always be better (at 40% shields per mod rank), and I rarely use Vitality, as I rely heavily on my shields not failing. (which is usually what happens when I start dying a lot of times in rapid succession - just not paying enough attention).

Meanwhile, Lethal Torrent buffs firerate (10% per level) and multishot (10% per level) - for pistols - at decent rates compared to the dedicated mods (12%, respectively 20%) - and is a combination of one decent and one super-strong stat.

(and yes, these mods should stack with the other ones).

I feel like I'm going to regret not picking up that mod :) (ended up at 62 or so points).

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I feel like I'm going to regret not picking up that mod :) (ended up at 62 or so points).

The event isn't over yet!

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@ravenlight: Indeed - I managed to hit 100 points before the end of the event today. Thanks for the support in farming for keys earlier today (and thanks to everyone for helping me out yesterday farming the first 68 points).

With that said,

All done.

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New Neutral Enemy Type The dessert Skate will also attack Gineer Troops as well as the Tenno. GET SOME DOOM IN HERE

Look at it.... AHHH!!! @mnemoidian


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Work, health, and other things made me only get a whopping 5 points. Whatever though, had a blast playing with the clan people that joined up with me.

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@rapid: Yeah, that is creepy D:

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