PC - Giant Bomb Alliance - (2019-08-29) - Saint of Altra: Update 25.7.0

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So in this thread you should find all information pertaining to the Warframe PC Clan. Specifically, Giant Bomb Heavy INC. If you have seen the original Giant Bomb Heavy INC thread you will know I will be updating this post periodically so check back often! The date on this forum topic is last time @rapid has updated this thread with news. Check out the news below:

About Us

Official NameGiant Bomb Alliance
No Caption Provided
Discord Communitygoo.gl/JbTdUt
Steam Grouphttp://steamcommunity.com/groups/GLHB
Video Archiveshttps://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwar_Ogu7hY9wrea1ZY8ZNe7FqqpmT52X
Alliance Leader@rapid
The Duder Collective

Giant Bomb HEAVY INC | Ayatan Ranch | Formrunners

Clan Officers

@rupertthebear (Watribution) | @tbk (Pobaxi) | @noizy | @uberexplodey

PC Community NEWS

Update 25.7.0: Saint of Altra is now out on PC! Here is a summary of the major highlights. For a complete look at the entire update check out the full patch notes in the dev post link below!

PC - Giant Bomb Alliance - (2019-08-29) - Saint of Altra: Update 25.7.0

Dev Post


Warframe: Gauss

Gauss The @rapid, is the latest speed based warframe! Gauss' blueprints and crafting components are found in the new expanded Disruption on Sedna. Also for a bit of Lore on Gauss, a special thing is hidden in the Market when you view Gauss.

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New Music Minigame


No Caption Provided

Warframe is finally a a true LUTE Shooter with this new addition of a playable musical instrument called a Shawzin.

There are now 4 kinds of Shawzin now purchasable in the game the DAX SHAWZIN, MIMICA, DAWN, and the NELUMBO Shawzin

With the Shawzin comes a special emote that allows the player to take out their Lute and start playing music to all within earshot!

The Shawzin comes with Guitar Hero like note highway tutorials that teach you how to play the theme songs in the game!

New Features

Mod Link and Look Link

No Caption Provided

Mod Link is a new feature that allows you share your warframe / weapon builds with others using the in-game chat. By clicking the ‘Link’ icon in your Modding screen, your active Chat window will be auto sent a message link to that build.

That's not all Look Link allows you to share your Fashion Frame in the same way.

No Caption Provided

By clicking the handy ‘Link’ icon in your Arsenal>Appearance screen , your active Chat window will be auto sent a message link to that appearance configuration.

Expanded Game Mode

Six new nodes have been added to the starchart.

  1. Grineer Settlement - Mars, Olympus
  2. Corpus Outpost - Neptune, Laomedeia
  3. Grineer Galleon - Sedna, Kelpie (Grineer)
  4. Grineer Galleon - Uranus, Ur (Infested)
  5. Grineer Kuva Fortress - Kuva Fortress, Tamu
  6. Lua - Lua, Apollo (Corpus)

Play these new nodes to access the droptables for various new rewards. For example:

Grineer Galleon - Sedna, Kelpie (Grineer) is where Gauss' warframe components can be farmed.

Note you will now need to complete each of the once to unlock Arbitrations.

Other Highlights

Riven Slots limit increased to 120 (up from 90)

NOTE: New Nodes have been added which means to be eligible for Arbitrations, you must complete them!

All normal Plains of Eidolon Bounties have Bonus Objectives, meaning you will receive extra rewards for performing them.

Catch-up Acts will now appear once you have less than 3 current-weekly Acts left to complete, as opposed to only appearing once you’ve completed the whole current week.

New To Warframe?

No Caption Provided

New To Warframe? Got WARQuestions? We Got WARnswers! Join our discord (link in the about us section) we can help answer questions and help you navigate this dense game. The Giant Bomb Warframe discord has lots of veteran and new players who will happily answer any questions in text chat.

@tbk also wrote a lengthy FAQ to help new players out. Hopefully it will help you get a gist of this rather confusing game.

Chronicles of The Giant Bomb Alliance - (View Playlist)

Rapid keeps a playlist on his YouTube channel where he archives many of Giant Bomb Alliance shenanigans and achievements.

Here's What We've Been Up to:
Just a few Highlights From 2014 - 2018
The Taswell Memorial Hall (In Memory of Ryan T Davis)
The Taswell Memorial Hall (In Memory of Ryan T Davis)

About Our Clan Dojo

HEAVY INC Dojo Layout as of May 25, 2018
HEAVY INC Dojo Layout as of May 25, 2018

Being part of the clan means you should craft a Dojo Key as soon as you can. A Dojo Key will then grant you access to your perspective Giant Bomb Dojo. A Dojo is where you gain access to:

Research Labs and clan tech weaponry and gear.Trading Post the ability to trade Mods, Platinum, Keys, and Prime Blueprints/ Parts and Other Clan activities (Dark Sectors)

Note that in our dojo we never take down our Holiday Decorations (eh its a holiday somewhere in the universe...)

All main areas of the dojo are labelled in this map.

Noteworthy Dojo Locations

Vinco (TM) Labs - The first room when entering the dojo is the Vinco (tm) Research Laboratories. There you will find not only our fine Vinco Trading Posts but our 4 research labs in which to purchase blueprints for fine Vinco products.

Hall of Fame - marvel at the statues that honour the achievements of the Giant Bomb Clan.

Maintenance Basement - Authorized Staff Entry Only. Some say once a duder went down there and he was never seen again.... (Wooo SPOOKY)

Taswell Memorial Hall - In the memory of Mr. Ryan Davis we dedicate the first room ever built of our dojo to him. He was vital to building Giant Bomb to what it is now. Without the Memorial Hall we could never have built the dojo

The Exquisite Corps Barracks - Here the most prestigious of our Clan train, plan, command, mentor our newest initiates so they may have a chance to ascend the ranks and become exquisite themselves.

The Rudds Space Observatory - Some may say windows on a space ship are structural weakness but some just enjoy the finer things in space life. Rudds Space Observatory is nice quiet space to which view the majesty of space and the universe from and let your mind drift into a sweet somber...... ZzzzZZzz

As of the Dojo Remaster, the Observatory functions as a Arsenal and Navigation point in the Clan Dojo.

The Scanlon CrossFit Training Challenge Center - For the more physical tenno who's not afraid of getting sweaty the Scanlon CrossFit Wipeout Challenge obstacle course provides just the menial workout and challenge they are looking for!

Dojo Donation Kisok - Here you will be able to donate extra resources, ship decorations and floofs directly to the clan dojo.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2
Use the Dojo Transporter to Teleport Instantly to any of the listed locations!

Clan / Alliance Size & Tier

No Caption Provided

Giant Bomb Alliance is made up of currently Giant Bomb Heavy INC (GBHI), Forumrunners, and Ayatan Ranch Clan. GBHI is currently a tiered as Mountain Clan this essentially means that we can have a 300 clan members limit and our resource requirements for the clan's dojo are scaled for a clans with up to 300 members. The short of it is, so that our dojo resource requirements do not overburden the active members of clan we decided to remain a Mountain tier clan during this time. Basically, the Clan Warlord reserves the right to remove any members that become inactive for more than at least 30 days if need be. This is also to accommodate and ensure room in the Clan for new members. @uberexplodey made this awesome and informative graphic to explain!

Keep in mind

If you found out you have been removed from the clan: We are always open to re-invites, just because your being deleted this time, you can still re-join the clan in the future. THIS IS NOT A BAN. If you are reading this after you have been removed, just post another invite request to this thread. So if you were just taking a break from the game, feel free to ask to be re invited.

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So, like @rapid said, we are in the process of upgrading the clan to fit a 100 people. To be honest I didnt really expect the clan to fill up that quick, but such is the power of GB Quick Look I suppose. In anycase, you can send a friend invite to me in the game and I will remember to invite you to the clan once we have increased the number of slots.

I write up something nice once I collect my thoughts, but for now this will be it I think.




These are the people you want to add to your friends list, once that is done we can start sending out the invites.

Thank you for your patience and thanks to the guys at Heavy Alliance, and @rapid for the help.


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#3 Posted by csl316 (15040 posts) -

This is cool.

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#4 Posted by BasketSnake (1819 posts) -


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#5 Posted by UberExplodey (1015 posts) -

Hope to see you duders in-game! Don't hesitate to ask questions in Alliance chat if you need clarification about Warframe stuff or want help running a mission.

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#6 Posted by Slax (1125 posts) -

In game name is Slax21, and I'd love an invite to the alliance.

I'll add you guys to my friends list when I get on tonight.

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Just sent requsts to everybody at BBB under TheOtogi, would love to play with a proper group. Also, considering the name, are we a legal branch?

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#8 Posted by Panny (3 posts) -

@roughneck117: Sent all you guys a friend request, BaronBadass ingame.

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Hey everybody! I'm MeatsofEvil (in-game) a Warlord in BBB, and it turns out with a little bit of platinum and extra resources you can actually get a dojo up and running pretty quick-like.

I just got the dojo upgraded to a storm tier clan and will be shooting out a lot of invites fairly soon!If you posted a request in the other threads and haven't been invited please do so here. Thanks, and also don't be afraid to contribute to the dojo as well, as I seem to be running out of some resources from building so much (go figure) :)

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#10 Posted by onarum (3212 posts) -

@meatsofevil: Hey man, got my key going(will be ready in about 10 hours :P), what can i do to help build the dojo up?

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#11 Posted by MeatsofEvil (175 posts) -

@onarum: Word!

Dude anything will help, seriously. Really right now forma is putting a big ol' chokehold on the building process, but yeah, any help on resources will be EXTREMELY appreciated!

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@meatsofevil: Did I mess up? I think I clicked yes on the invite, but I'm not in. Do I have to wait for something or may I get another one?

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#13 Posted by MeatsofEvil (175 posts) -

@otogi: It seems like you're in. It might just take a little while on Warframe's end to register it.

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#14 Posted by Otogi (369 posts) -
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#15 Posted by pause422 (6344 posts) -

Yeah I'm having the same issue, I click accept and it just keeps telling me I'm not in. I'll wait on it for now and maybe it will update.

username : Kilateral

In case somehow it didn't go through after a bit. Thanks.

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I sent in-game friend requests, but I'll ask for an invite here also. It'd be nice to actually finish some missions other than capture and extermination. My IGN is User_Undefined.

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#17 Posted by ShadowSwordmaster (1119 posts) -

This is pretty sweet.

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#18 Posted by DrNeptune (4 posts) -

I would like an invite to the alliance

IGN: DrNeptune42

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#19 Posted by DeathTrap (427 posts) -

I'd like to get in when possible. Username: DeathTrap

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#20 Edited by Adwyn (4 posts) -

Id love and invite

Username: Adwyn

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#21 Posted by deactivated-5c4a6d7d37a3f (654 posts) -

I chose the best time to fall back into Warframe! In game name TheRealMoot

In the process of farming credits to start forging a new primary and melee I have ended up with a butt ton of rare items and materials that I will gladly donate to the dojo.

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#22 Posted by BombaLuigi (212 posts) -

i'd like an invite if there's still room

username is "BombaLuigi"


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#23 Posted by Blackout62 (2198 posts) -

I'd like an invite. Username: Blackie62

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#24 Posted by KashiKakes (15 posts) -

May I get an invite?

username: KashiKakes

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#25 Posted by Flushes (355 posts) -

I'm in if there are spots.

Username Flushes.

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#26 Posted by Zamolxes (155 posts) -

Im in too

Username AlexandruAlexandruAlex

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#27 Posted by Nut922 (6 posts) -

Heck, if things are up and running now, I'll certainly accept an invite!

IGN: Nut922

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#28 Posted by konig_kei (1035 posts) -

Could I get an invite too please?

In game name Keisar.

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#29 Posted by ZombieBatman_ (5 posts) -

Happy to contribute some resources to the new Dojo.

IGN: ZombieBatman

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@meatsofevil: Did a couple t1 defense runs with BBB and we all got 3 forma blueprints each from the runs. Hope that helps. If you BBB need more forma don't hesitate to ask a high ranked player in GBHI they should have a good supply of keys to help you farm forma. If you need orikin cells farm lephantis, and alad v for neural sensors. Can't wait to see how the dojo develops

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#31 Posted by Adwyn (4 posts) -

Thanks for the help with those runs tonight rapid! Crafting forma for the next few days.

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#32 Posted by onarum (3212 posts) -

@rapid: yeah thanks for that ;) it was crazy, gained almost 10 levels for my primary on a single mission.

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#33 Posted by Jaqen_HGhar (1373 posts) -

Would be great if my Family Clan could become an allied of the GB Alliance. We are Clan Olavsbraaten. My player is called Maddolav. Not sure how to do the alliance stuff myself.

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#34 Posted by dudeglove (13795 posts) -

If anyone wants to help out with the extraction missions for this archwing stuff, feel free to add dudeglove to your friends in Warframe on the PC.

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#35 Posted by raiz265 (2264 posts) -

Cool to see you taking care of the situation.

I'm new to the whole Waframe business and would like an invite to the new Clan

IGN: raiz

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#36 Posted by rickyyo (290 posts) -

I would like an invite. My name in warframe is rickyyo. My account is probably as old as the game. But, I didn't really play much after they switched to the card system. I got back into it recently once I finally farmed some good cards.

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#37 Posted by Ropn (13 posts) -

Hey, I just got back into the game and would like to join the new clan - TheRopn

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#38 Posted by cubi (5 posts) -

I'd like an invite too, please!

My user name is "Killdashnine".

Thanks you!

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#39 Posted by streetninja (196 posts) -

I sent some friend requests to some of the people in here since I'd like to join the clan and just have some people to play with. My name in the game is PJSalt.

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#40 Posted by theShatteredOne (16 posts) -

I would love an invite if theres still room. IGN: Brognak

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#41 Edited by Drakoji (399 posts) -

I think I received an invitation for Batman Buttman Batman but I think it didn't work...

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#42 Edited by White_Lando (52 posts) -

Already put about 30 hours into this since the quick look, would love an invite if there's space left! In-game name is WhiteLando.

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#43 Posted by chazwuzhere3 (29 posts) -

I would also love an invite! Have been playing quite a bit since the new QL. In game name is ChazzyWazzy :)

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#44 Posted by NeonBlackJack (103 posts) -

Name: EarlofURL
Would love an invite. Made the proper friend requests.

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#45 Posted by bgbball31 (22 posts) -

I just started playing yesterday and am absolutely awful, but I'd love an invite to the clan if there's room.

IGN Breezly31

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#46 Posted by DeathTrap (427 posts) -

I'm sorry...I'd love to get in a GB guild...but the name "Batman Buttman Batman" repels me. Let me know if there's ever room in the main one.

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#48 Posted by brontosaurus (15 posts) -

I just started after seeing the recent quick look. Would like an invite to either if any slots are open.

IGN: xbrontosaurusx

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#49 Posted by BunaJ (3 posts) -

Hello, me(bunaj) and my brother (grassble) accidentally declined, but are very interested in joining, any chance we could get another invite? Sorry!

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#50 Posted by jehrco (47 posts) -

I have been playing for a while but I stopped around 6 months ago. Back in action. Friend request if you want. God I love this game.

IGN: Jehrco

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